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Vacation or Increase delivery time


Hello friends

I will be traveling to Australia from 1st February to 6th February 2018. and I will get time to work from 7th February to 13th February and then again traveling and visiting some places in Australia with family from 14th February 2018 to 22nd February 2018.

I can answers to buyers during this period of time. and do 2-3 orders a day not more than that. Generally i get orders from 8 to 17 a day.

What is best option ?

A. Vacation for 22 days

B. Increase delivery time to 30 days

C. Two times vacation during February from 1st Feb to 6th Feb and 14th Feb to 22nd Feb.

I need guidance from senior sellers.

Thank you


B. Increase delivery time to 30 days


I always use vacation rather than increased delivery time. There is an effect on your rate when you come back from vacation, but at least your buyers (and potential buyers) know the reason. If I saw someone with a 30 day delivery time, and another seller with a 5 or 10 day time then I would probably never come back to your gig. I would think that this was your standard time.


That´s a good point, I just wish Vacation Mode wouldn´t have quite the palm & beach feeling to it as it does, I had to use it a couple times last year, but I didn´t have a vacation at all and just needed to switch it on because I was booked out.
Buyers who see you have a 30 day delivery time and think that´s standard and wouldn´t come back, might also not come back if they think it´s standard that you´re lazing around on a beach regularly, while in fact, you are working 12-hour days to catch up. :wink:

We can pick one of three reasons, I think, for Vacation Mode since a while, which is great, it would be nice if the illustrating image that goes with VM would match (table overflowing with papers or a computer screen from which the folder and file icons are dripping down or whatever :wink: )and if we could add a custom text too, I´d rather not have to change and re-change my profile and gig texts every time for that and have it right where now it shows the palm&beach.


I completely agree – I only use Vacation Mode because I am overbooked. It would be good to have that highlighted more clearly.