Vacation vs edit gig experiment


So I finally took the plunge this morning and decided rather than going to vacation mode, I edited all my gigs, simply changing 3 day delivery to 7 days and un-checking 24 hour delivery. Being careful to not even go near any fields that can accept text.

It worked and I was not pulled for review. I really think they flag you for review if you edit text in a field that can contain links or other improper items.

I seem to have whistled past the graveyard this time…


@newsmike No you don’t get pulled for that but you do get less impressions for quite a while in my experience. It basically killed the best roll I’ve ever been on. I’m fortunate now to get one or two orders a day and some days I get none. That’s unheard of for me to have the kind of days without orders I now get.

Let us know please if you have a severe drop in sales and impressions after about 24 hours please?


I will, although it has certainly slowed the last few days, just as it did leading into Thanksgiving, but I will advise. I mainly did this because I knew someone would order a job that was 6 hours of work and deliverable at 10PM Christmas eve if I didn’t.


Keep an eye daily on your impressions for each gig. Also see if you drop significantly in sales and size of orders. It’s been about two weeks now with no signs of picking back up.