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Vacation's Mode Affect on GIG ranking (Case Study)


On 4,5 December I have put my profile on vacation mode due to my trip.
After seven days I Came back and put off the mode. The Rank of gigs (all) was as it was previously (Top in searches).
For Christmas holidays I again put my profile on Vacation Mode. After Christmas (26 Dec) I Again resumed my work, and It was again fine in the search.
Due to my sudden Health Issue Again I Put it on Vacation for 2 Days, So Today I resumed my profile,
NOW the results are Different.
No GIG in Search and No Order (Organic).
So, Fiverr Algorithm works Little Different.

Last Time I did not wait, But NOW I have contacted

So Vacation MODE Hurt Ranks Please Be Aware of this (my Suggestion My experience , no official or any claim)

Will My GIGs get Impressions Views And Clicks If I Turn On The Vacation Mode?

If someone turns it on/off a few times, it doesn’t surprise me if their rankings change if others in their category don’t go on vacation at the same time. They will have additional ratings, more deliveries in that time frame.

If someone extends their delivery time it may effect their ranking too. Depends on what the others in the category are doing.

Rankings can change daily even if someone stays on the site with zero vacation days. So it makes sense to me that turning it on/off a couple times in a month will change the overall ranking.

You shouldn’t be gone from the site, so that’s a different issue.


I had a number of personal affairs to attend to in December, along with the holiday craziness, and decided to turn off my gig for the last half of the month of December. I’ll be activating again on January 2nd. Prior to that, I think a month or two before, I had taken 3 days off and nothing else during 2016. I had a decent ranking before this, so I’ll try to report back next week on how much it has affected me.


The best way I find out rather than turning “Vacation Mode on” is increasing the gig delivery time (like 15 days) so no one will order or if someone orders you can deliver later as you will have plenty of time and also your ranking will not be effected as buyers can view your gig :slight_smile:


Looks Sensible but it will also decrease ranking


Hopefully it will not hurt alot


Thank You for the information. @jamshed697


its true vacation mode affects our gigs. But i think so Fiverr Customer Support is still working to improve their platform though. As you can see the notification feature is very amazing and i’m loving i
So don’t worry and stay focused :heart_eyes:


Hey there @jamshed697, I think you are mistaken.

It’s not vacation mode that hurts your gig’s rankings.

What I have been noticing for the past 4 months is that if a gig of mine is ranked high, but fails to receive new orders for a week or so, it immediately drops by several spots.

If my gig gets several new orders per day, I see it soaring up the search results the day after the surge.


It IS that and a whole plethora of other things as well. There’s a grace period with the vacation mode. They do not want you to leave the site for too long, as you are causing a potential loss in income for Fiverr. So if your vacation mode remains on for a long time, the damage to gig position would be exponential.

Nobody besides the programmer and the BI people know what EXACTLY is the algorithm.

So all we can do is speculate!:older_man:


I strongly agree with you


yes this is also true


The best way to handle this situation:

  1. Change the Gig descrption and mention that you don’t accept direct orders. No one will give you direct orders.
  2. This is quite risky but yes you can you increase the Gig delivery timings. (However this wouldn’t work if your gig is about web development or highly customisable solution).