Vacations == No orders :(


About couple months ago, I put my profile on vacations.
and after that NO ORDERS.
It’s been months I haven’t received any order other than people that I already worked with.
Right now I don’t know what to do… All Impressions are down… I tried to share my Gigs to social media but nothing work.

Anyway I would recommend you to never put your profile on Vacations for long time (a month and so on).

Good luck…!!!


Yes, I put my profile on vacation for a week last year and it became extremely slow when I got back. Have you tried going back to Buyer’s Request? One other way I learned to go on vacation is to extend the delivery times so you can still take orders and then deliver them when you get back. A month would be too long, but for shorter breaks it would work.


My advice is to put your laptop on your bag, and work a lot, even if you are on vacancy!
If you dont make this, your account will go down!

Work a lot, work every day, spend more attention on your delivery time (on your gigs) and you ll don t have any problems with late delivers, vacancy etc!

With love,


I used to place my profile in vacation on weekends, but now I just raise the time to deliver on weekends, but I never had orders issue

Place it on vacation won’t make you have no order, the only problem is that your gig wont perform (its performance will be ZERO, since you are not working). So probably your gig lost some exposure at marketplace for losing some ranking positions.

ALSO, you may lose regular buyers with long vacations, because you will leave an open door for your competitors.

I wish fiverr had a fair ranking, so people could be placed on a position by their performance and wouldn’t be so affected with vacation mode, because everybody deserve a rest.


This is very sad to hear that, don’t lose your hope, delete that gigs and re-create it, maybe this will help you to reach Fiverr buyers again (Happy :star_struck: Freelancing) @prohamza


Thanks for awesome tip,


Completely agree with you.



I am getting some existing buyers, but not new one.


Maybe you should take a look on this new algorithm which changed everything since beginning of the month.

But if you place your gig during a month in vacation mode, of course it will affect your gig, because it will lose placement at the marketplace, due having a performance equal to ZERO.

Don’t expect placing your gig in vacation and then get back where your stopped.

I’ll repeat, performing nothing, will make your lose “placement score” and lose places in ranking. The farthest you are from the top of ranking, then less orders you will probably earn.


Thanks I will take a look.


I have the same problem. I’m back after 5-6 months
Well now i’m also trying my best to get back into the game.
I hope it works. :slight_smile: