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Valentine's Day is coming up in 5 weeks. Here's the perfect gig


If you guys want to send a cute message out to your loved ones, my daughter will record a video greeting.

All money made from this gig goes to presents for her :wink:



Collected the gig!

P.S your daughter is cute


Wow, way to think ahead! :slight_smile: You have an adorable kid, btw.


Reply to @princemaxx: Thanks, PM!


Reply to @magisworks:

magisworks said: You have an adorable kid, btw.

Yeah, I think so. LOL


aww :slight_smile:


Reply to @ceceliavo: Cecilia, this is like your Santa Nicelist, only from cupid. LOL


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks. I added this gig 3 days before Valentine’s Day this year and got no sales, so now I try it 2 months before :wink:


This is a great idea and so cute a little cupid for Valentines Day


Reply to @tictime2121: Thanks tictime2121.


How long will the message be?


I think 20 words, but people from this forum can submit more.


Reply to @ceceliavo: She’s a cutie.


How cute is this!


Reply to @lparziale: Thanks. I have to get some sales soon. I hope.


Reply to @lparziale: Do you know any loved ones who can benefit from this gig?


I have looked at this gig for sometime and she is adorable, just trying to figure out how I could incorporate it


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Nice, Ashley. She is about to record the video for a few new gigs on my wife’s Fiverr account where she raps any message for any website.


Anyone interested?


4 weeks to go.