Vampire-buyers. How to fix it?


Each of you had so-called vampire buyers. Nothing personal here just business. One of the main features of this is a request for work that is not included in the cost, too much communication, conflict and many things that you have probably encountered more than once. (I wish to all of you less buyers of that type ) but how to be if you get stuck with such a client and you do not want to work for free. Tell me your tricks and examples. Thank you!


I know the first rule:
Work with those customers whom you want. When you firstly contact the buyer or buyer it seems like everything is okay, the details comes through the work. So, top rated sellers share with us please tips how to fix especially when you get stuck with it. Thanks!


The only and accurate way is describe your packages of gigs properly define the limits and boundaries. If buyer comes through chat accumulate all his requests and create custom order request according to the buyer requirements and what you are going to do for the buyer…

Make everything crystal clear before proceeding towards order

So if in last you delivered the required work and a buyer ask for extra work than you ask for extras… But if the requested work intensity isn’t too much hard do it as this is the way to build long term relation ship which brings you more orders in future.

Note* i am not top rated seller :slight_smile:

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What is this vampire buyer? Never heard of it lol


Ok, let call them in another way ) For example personal hard , not Business buyers.


The very frustrating type of buyers. Not for me only


By the way, what the truth? )


Every seller needs to realize YOU are in control of everything that happens.

If you get a request for work not included say NO.

If there is too much communication tell them they are messaging you too much.

If there is conflict do not engage in that.

I really do not understand all these sellers complaining about things they themselves can control.


Good Luck) LOL Test it) At this time have no money to order your GIG in audio format)