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Variation meaning

New to Fiverr. Going over everything, trying to price my graphic design services for the best price. I do have one question. Although I speak English very well, I just want to make sure I understand what “Variations” mean. Does that mean different sizes?
Thank you


A variation is any change: colour, size, style, whatever. Define what you mean by it on your gig description.

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Thank you very much for the quick and detailed response

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So what’s the difference between variations and styles?

Different styles are variations …

So how come there are two sections?

What subcategory of graphics & design is the gig in?

One of those is for the number of size variations you offer (maybe one could be 3000 pixels wide and another one could be 6000 pixels wide? ie. you could offer to deliver it in 2 different sizes) and the other the number of styles you offer (maybe one could be retro and one could be modern if that’s what you decided).

edit: the help for those 2 says:
“# of size variations: The seller will deliver x of size variations”
“# of styles: Number of different styles included in the package”

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Thank you so much. It is a bit confusing. Had to look at other designers to see what they offer. Don’t want to complicate myself, especially as a newbie

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