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Varied experiences


I am relatively new to fiverr, and I have had multiple experiences already. I mostly deal with graphic designing.

I had one where the person was so clear with their instructions and it was so easy for me to work on it. It got accepted immediately and there was a very pleasant conversation. She even paid me more to add some more designs cuz she liked my ideas.

The other one, He said he needed it urgently, so I worked on it as fast as i could, and spent a lot of time on it. There was also a time difference, so i waited for his response till i slept, when I woke up he had given me some changes. Just when I was about to complete it, he said if u cant complete it in the next hour, cancel it. Finally, of course I gave him whatever he asked for and he even gave me a 5 star rating. I am very grateful that he went ahead and gave me 5 stars, but when then when they say something like that, I feel there’s no value for time spent or creative work or services provided sometimes.

I know that its not necessary that everyone needs to like someones design, because everyone has a different taste. But to think that u are only paying 5 bucks for a service and asking someone to cancel it, considering I spent so much time on it - seems unfair. Maybe they assume that it takes less time because they are paying only 5 bucks?? It’s not like I put any less effort into it.

I know there are different ways to look at it. For a buyer, when they pay for something they wish to get what they asked for, and when they don’t, they want their money back.

This whole rating thing also has me constantly worried as I am super new to fiverr and I hope to climb up the levels.

If a person delivering creative work reads this, I am sure they have faced this at some point as well. So i just wanted to share my thoughts.


What you could do is an add an extra for extra fast delivery (any number of days you decide but which is less than the standard delivery’s number of days) so at least you would earn that amount for it if they accept that.

Though that won’t stop people ordering but then saying they want it much sooner than the ordered no. of days and maybe not accepting the extra.


I have often noticed that cheaper gigs sometimes draw in troublesome buyers. It’s not all the time, but sometimes the bargain hunters just want everything. Even so, it’s smart for most sellers to work cheap and do the best possible job until they have several good reviews. Once you build some reputation you can raise your prices a little and you may find that you’ll make more and have less trouble. This doesn’t work for everyone or all the time, but it may work for you eventually. Good luck!


Thank you! That’s good advice :slight_smile: