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Various gig is good or bad?

Mainly i works for Youtube Thumbnails Design. So now if i want to Create gigs for other catagories as like Company profile design, Flyer Design or others . Its Will be effective ?


Broadly speaking, your area of speciality is graphic / creative design. I don’t think anyone looking at your profile would question why you are selling different gigs - they all share a common link.

However, while I know there are others that disagree with me on my next point, I think some people would question your skills and competence if you offered for example a ‘data entry’ gig alongside a ‘professional logo design gig’.

Those sellers do exist on Fiverr. In my opinion a professional logo designer does not do data entry. Alarm bells would ring for me as a buyer.


yes,it is too much effective. you have to know modern design.


Thank you so much for your opinions

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Yes its hard to manage impression of many gigs

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Yea it is definitely good so it help others to study and learn a lot about you


Thank you so much bro


Thank you so much bro for your opinions

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True. Just like they would question the skills and competence of sellers who offer both copywriting and logo design. It’s not that people can’t be competent in both, it’s that those categories are advertised as something that can earn you quick cash even if you don’t have any skills, so people without skills often offer those things.


Actually i want to work just on Graphics Design Related Work. As like now i am working for Youtube Thumbnails Design. Besides that i have a skills for Print design as like Company Profile design, Flyer Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design and Many other types of Print design works. For that i want to Creat gigs with this types of works.
Give your opinions for that.

Creating gigs that all offer graphic design of one kind or another should be fine.

It’s perfectly normal for a graphic designer to be able to create various types of design.

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Thanks man. This answer will be help me.

yea its true the saying is wright