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Vector file not given after logo creation


Im here to have a whine about not receiving my new logo in Vector file, not that I knew that I needed such a thing to be able to resize my logo to fit different size pages, letterhead etc. I was provided with a PDF and Jpeg and I basically cant do anything with them… This is a typical example of providing a service to a buyer and not catering to their needs. I didn’t pick the cheapest seller and I have found all the sellers I have dealt with are interested in is getting 5 star feedback. Do the job, provide the service and you will no doubt get repeat business. 5 Stars in my world is not normal but I see on this site it is needed to get to levels etc. I will now search on here to get these files converted to a vector file. Have a great day everyone. :smile:


I might be mistaken, but I think some sellers charge extra for vector files?
If you communicated that and they agreed but still didn’t deliver, then that really sucks and I’m sorry. Just wanted to throw out the idea that if communication wasn’t clear then maybe the seller wasn’t expecting that they had to deliver the vector file.


I understand that, but it does suck that I didn’t know that is what I needed.


I don’t think it’s the seller’s fault you didn’t know what a vector file is, or why you might need it.

Can you go back to the seller, and order the vector file as a custom order?


vector file or source file ? you need to be more specific about the format name of file. Give the sellers clear information about your needs and the sellers will give you what you needs. :sunglasses:


I am going to have to, I cant use it the way it is.


Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just as a side note, PDFs can be vector files, but that doesn’t do any good unless you have software that will edit/export from one.


This. Vector file can be in either SVG or PDF, so he did give you a vector file?