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Vector Files - Need advice from a graphic designer



I recently just purchased my first gig on fiverr, a logo.

I chose the middle priced gig, because it included a vector file.

He didn’t really understand what I wanted, but made a satisfactory revision, and I have basic skills to bring the logo where I want it.

Problem is, when I asked him what vector file I will receive, he said “EPC”. I’ve never heard of a .epc file, and asked him if he meant “EPS”, but said no and that I would have to pay extra for a photoshop editable file.

Is .epc a real file format, or is he trying to scam me??

I haven’t accepted and no matter how much i’ve tried to work it out with him, he keeps telling me that I should just take the file or purchase an upgrade. Then he told me that epc is a corel file, but from what little i know corel files are .cdr format.

Is there anyone out there who could shed some light on the subject regarding the epc file (i’ve googled it and seriously can’t find any information on the web about this format).

Any advice will be welcome!

Thanks in advance,



Good day,

Usually vector versions are:


if his GIG does not include vector version of the file, he is not obliged to deliver you vector file. I have not heard of EPC file.


Hello and thanks for the reply!

His gig included a vector file, i specifically purchased the upgraded gig in order to get the vector.

But he keeps insisting that a vector file is an"epc".

What are my options?


Must be a typo or the the seller is using some rare or custom software that has its own unique extensions.


I thought it was a typo as well, but the seller was pretty clear that it was not an eps file.

When a seller advertises that they provide a vector file, shouldn’t this be in one of the universaly known format (not all, just one)? Or at least state otherwise.

What are my options? This file is useless to me and he won’t give me a “known” vector file unless I buy an upgrade.


Ask the seller what software is needed to view an epc file. (i only know epc extension as a text file from back in the day)


Hello striftos i am also a graphic designer and i know whats going on there

a lot of new designers on fiverr are not qualified enough. As they say “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not illiteracy, Its illusion of knowledge”

Same thing happening here there no file format called EPC,He lacks knowledge in vector works but he surely knows photoshop

Thus he is able to give you Raster element logo, Which you will have to convert to Draw or Illustrator extension if u ever need to strech it.

So either you keep PSD file or you cancel the order, I am not advertising myself
but if you want to convert your existing raster logo to vector. I surely will do it with no problems whatsoever.


jhallawalla, you’ve just confirmed what I was thinking.

I gave him the easiest job to do, I gave him ready work that needed to be improved a bit, with examples of the changes, and even how I wanted the words! Instead of giving me 2 concepts that the gig offered, I asked for a portrait and landscape version of the same logo (that I basically gave him).

He didn’t read what he agreed to, and made 2 different concepts. Fortunately one was close to what I asked him. The result was that my first revision was basically just repeating what I had told him before I even bought the gig. What a waste of both his and my time.

If he spent a little more time listening to what the customer asked for, he would have been finished by now and i probably wouldn’t even “need” the vector!

Rant Over…

So I have 3 days total to cancel the order?


You can cancel order anytime just make sure don’t let the work delivered for 3 days the order will be completed by itself then


Sorry for all the questions but im a fiverr noob.
I don’t understand the resoluon center.

I ask the seller to cancel the order. What happens if he declines?


He says I should use corel.

A Google search reavealed it is an extension used by Microsoft for a Windows game.


If you don’t like product you received, You have full right to ask Refund incase if he disagree for a mutual cancellation, You can file a ticket to Customer Support and they will get the job done.

If you have no knowledge about Corel Draw you cannot use it its same difficult as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Corel Draw is a vector program or you can say Alternative to Adobe Illustrator…