Vector or source file for logos?


I want to add vector or source file. I have no experience with vector but i guess i can learn? What file format should i add for my logo? also which other extras should i look into getting ? Are stuff like social media kit needed? wouldnt i be able to do it easily myself with the logo that i get?


You are trying to buy a logo service. Right? Vector means your logo is made by vector. Which mean suitable for print. No matter how big your logo, you will not lose resolution of your logo.

Source file means that editable file. Ask for vector and source file :slight_smile:


Source file will be the original file that can be edited.
Vector files are “ai” or “eps” files. As cagricilara said they can be enlarged without losing resolution. Popular for logos.
You can if you have the correct software like “illustrator” be able to convert them to jpegs, svg and png files for use on websites or better still just ask the seller to do it within the budget. Its pretty easy for them to do.