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Vector/ source file

So I’m looking to get a logo. I didnt know what vector/ source file was until I got here. So without me getting that included in my gig, I’m 100% not able to edit the file ? Can someone please clarify.


There are two source file versions, one is adobe illustrator source file and the other is adobe Photoshop source file. When we doing a design we create it layer by layer and then we save it as a single layered file which can be save as JPEG, PNG etc. JPEg and PNG is the format name. A source file is the format that have all the layers included and not flattened. So if you have source file then any day you can open it on Photoshop or illustrator and do edits to relevant layers. So it is easy to edit the logo since source file have the logo breaked in to several layers. But in case your logo is a simple design you need not a source file to edit it. So that doesn’t sound it is compulsory to have source file to edit the logo, it is way too easy if you have source file to edit the logo. But complicated designs needs the source file to maintain the quality of the out put.


And also some time it is compulsory to have the source file when you need to scale the logo.

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Wow, thanks for the feedback. Broke it all the way down. Appreciate it

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to add to what she said, vector/source file isn’t limited to only two, Illustrator(ai) and Photoshop(psd), there are quite a number of other formats, the former two just happens to be more common.
Source file is the native file of the application in which the logo was designed. Example, Photoshop .psd, Illustrator .ai, Coreldraw .crd, etc

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You should check with the seller to be sure you have a program with which you can edit your logo. I recently bought a vector drawing that had the source file included, but in .ai format, and I don’t have Adobe Illustrator, so next time I’ll have to look for someone who offers a .psd as source file.