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Vector Tracing Gigs - What is it?

Awhile back, someone wrote a nice piece on vector tracing - unfortunately, I can’t find that thread. There are about 100K threads under IMG, MFG and other areas. I don’t have the patience to filter through that many posts.

I have some digital photos that are of small or low quality. Can any of you experts tell me if this is something I can get done to increase the quality? Is it possible to get vector done on a still photo of real people and real objects at a park with flowers/trees, etc.



It depends on the method and approach. The type of vector tracing that I’m familiar with are those completed using Live Trace and those that are manually created by drawing each object using a variety of the illustrating tools found within the chosen program.

Yes it’s possible to get a vector done on a still of real people and objects. The resulting work should be of high quality but of course this will vary per creative. I know of a professional illustrator that recreated a photo of this popular musician in a digital program and it looked exactly like a photograph.

Wow! I’ve seen a few of those on seller’s profiles but most looked to be downloaded from Google image.

Most of the vector tracing I’ve seen tend to lean toward drawings, not a real picture, so I was curious.

Thank you for your response.

You’re welcome. It’s possible to achieve but it takes some hours of work as experienced while working on some past projects for school.

Oh gosh! I have no intentions of learning how to do it. I was going to hire someone to do it for me. I didn’t want to spend hours searching for a seller when it’s not possible.

I can now! :slight_smile:


Vector tracing usually refers too outlining images in vector format.
If your intention is to increase the resolution and quality of small low quality photos, i would recommend you look for a photoshop artist instead.

Oh, wow! Thank you! Excellent advice. :slight_smile:

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