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Vehicle or cups mockups


i can professionaly paste your pictures or logos on any vehicles or cups or boxes etc


Any examples of the cups? :cup_with_straw:


yeah sure let me show you


i have cups, mugs, glases, juice packets


OK, but I’m a visual gal. I need to see what I’m buying :framed_picture: (pics) help.


an image of my logo with just a simple cup i have thousands of cup designs and other stuff


yeah sure i am always there to send you samples


Ooh, nice! I like it. I’m interested in a :coffee: cup. Any other styles?


another design


Anything similar to this?


yeah a second please


see this


Perfect! Thank you.

I’ll see you on just give me a few. :sunglasses:


ok sure am waiting for you


Make sure you charge for it :slight_smile: Looks nice


yeah thanks you wana order? @castingritual


Maybe in the future, however at this time I don’t need it :slight_smile: Thank You!


yeah thanks we have anything in list i.e cups cars bilboards building etc