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Venezuela Blackout nightmare

Right now I’m just really sad because after over a month of not getting sales I finally got 3 in one week, 1 with a rocky start but the client really did enjoy my work I just had to work on final details. whn the power outage became. I spend over 3 days with out light and signal so I didn’t have any way to contact my buyers and tell them what had happen and when the light finally came al my orders where mark as late deliveries :(.
2 of my clients where really understanding but for the other one was it’s 1st experience.
I don’t know If I should call support because it wasnt fiverr’s fault or mine the had this late deliveries but it really makes me sad that something like this ruin my performance in the plataform


Why not give CS a try? It’s not like yours is an isolated case, and it’s being well reported internationally. I hope they can do something to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

My best wishes to all users from Venezuela. (I know this is country specific, but hope it’s allowed under the forum rules.)


I will give it a try


E yea… blackout, It always painful when circumstances beyond one control affect an important event. I am very sorry, try to contact the CS may be they will understand.

Hi @angelaliedwina

I really feel for you :cry: I’m also venezuelan and all these days just kept thinking in all of us, specially those with active orders. :persevere:

During all this mess, I just kept crossing my fingers in hope no one had messaged me or placed an order. Thankfully, yesterday I got back energy (at least intermittently) and saw it didn’t happen so I run to pause all my gigs and not accept custome orders just in case I run out of power again. Don’t know until when I’ll have to be in such situation :cry:


It wasn’t just a “blackout”. It was 3 days a whole country without power. Even today more than half of the country is still without energy and those of us who have, it goes and comes.

No electricity = no water, no phones, no comunications of any type, loss of food, loss of lives. Hope you can understand what this means.


So sorry you have to deal with all of that. Hope things improve for you and your country.


Thank you I hope for it as well


neither do what got me the must worried it’s my computer I hope everything it’s fine because with this outage th

I truly feel sorry for all my Venezuelan fellow sellers. It is very sad to watch the chaos and mayhem in Venezuela right now. I hope that the situation improves really soon. :crossed_fingers:t3: :pray:t3:

In the meanwhile, I think it is a good idea for others in a similar situation to do what @maitasun has done: pause all gigs until things improve. :slight_smile:

If you think you won’t be able to respond to messages within 24 hours, you can also enable vacation mode with the option to disable incoming messages from prospective buyers (so that it doesn’t end up affecting your response rate).


Isn’t it enough to deny accepting custome orders? Do I also have to go out of offcice?

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Only if you are unable to reply to new messages/custom orders from new prospective buyers within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will affect your response rate, right? :thinking: :slight_smile:


I think I didn’t explain myself correctly, let me rephrase my question.

Although if I don’t accept custome orders, buyers still get to message me?

Yes, they can. The only thing that does is stop them from requesting custom orders/“special services.” They will, however, still be able to send you messages.



So sorry @maitasun , Hope everything back to normal very soon.


Ok, well, I’ll have to also do that :cry:

I’m not only losing money outside Fiverr but inside as well :sob: but that’s nothing compared to all the lives that have been lost and still are being lost because of this (ICU patients (adult, padiatrics, neonatal), dialisis patients, etc)… :sob:

Thank very much my dear friend.

PS: Yes @hanshuber16 , I selected that and put it blank. Is that enough?


I see that is an option, now I notice that is for “new buyers”:



Ok @pacquo, Thanks. I’ll take a look and see if I can reach that feature.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Also, when activating OOO, make sure that you don’t select the option that says: “Allow new buyers to contact me. I realize this can affect my response rate and avg. response time.” :wink:

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AJ, when I go to “my profile”, I don’t see the “out of office” option :persevere: What am I doing wrong? :thinking:

I can see my gig are paused but can’t see anything else :anguished:

I don’t have 3 circles, just 2 and I don’t remember the system asking me to allow or not new buyers to contact me :pensive: