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Venezuelan fiverr. Crisis and oportunities


This is my fiverr story.

I live in Venezuela and here it’s crisis all over the place.
Day jobs are not a solution anymore for most of the citizens and most of the people had to reinvent their lives because of that.
I found in fiverr my reinvention.
I’m getting clients all over the world and having great reviews as well.
It has been the best way to deal with a country in a severe crisis and now i can help family and friends with my income wich has been salvation for us.

I brought friends and family to this business, and some of them are starting to have a succesfull career and others are having a little more issues, but that’s how life works for everybody!

Thanks fiverr and thanks customers for creating oportunities wich can save lives without knowing.


Hello! I’m part of this story too, and like you, I’m also promoting this page amongst my people. I guess we ca uild a thread for ourselves here and give each other support. I’ve also heard of many of us who have left to to their language barrier and that at some poit Fiverr turned from Spanish to English, I’d encourage you to invest on learning the latter.


It would be great!
I’ll create the thread named “Fiverr para Venezolanos / Hispanos” and we can share our experience with the platform and let others achieve their goals!


Here is the thread Fiverr para Venezolanos / Hispanos


How do Venezuelans get their Fiverr money? I know Venezuela has strict currency controls.

I’m glad Fiverr has helped you. Are you doing Bitcoin as well? I read Venezuela is the cheapest country for Bitcoin mining.



It’s not easy. There is a market for currency with a “real price” and changes almost a day.
You can use your paypal account to access the market.

There are some people mining bitcoins and other criptocurrencies, but goverment has declare them illegal becacuse of the energy consumed. Actually, as this country is rule by a dictator, they are seeking this miners to confiscate the hardware and then produce bitcoins for their own.

I tell you, it’s crisis all over the place


Thanks for explaining.

I read that the government came up with their own crypto currency, the Petro. I’m not cryptocurrency expert, but if Maduro’s selling it, I ain’t buying it.

Terrible what’s happening in Venezuela, have you thought about immigrating? I don’t recommend the USA because our immigration laws are very difficult. Other countries are easier, Canada loves people with tech skills, so does New Zealand.


Nobody is buying the petro lie.
It’s just another way to cheat poor people.

About emigrating, we are considering moving to Argentina because their immigration laws are Venezuelan friendly and it’s a great place to live. New Zealand looks very far far away and Canada is an option but we haven’t taken our time to consider it.

I think most venezuelans are hoping a change because, most of the venezuelans would love to come back to this country, wich has been great for many years before Maduro and before Chavez.


The current situation is not really good for Venezuela but I hope you’ll get over it soon. My country had the same desperate situation before thanked to some ignorant leaders. Fortunately after some reforms, life is better.
I have some great Venezulan friends and they are very bright and cheerful. With such great citizens Venezula will recover soon despite the bad situation; it may take some time but it will.

Fiverr is a great platform for extra income and I’m glad you are doing well.
Warm welcome from Vietnam.


Thanks for those kind words!
It’s comforting to read them as they give hope to millions of venezuelan citizens all over the world.

Have a great day/night!


Argentina is a great option, probably easier than Canada and you won’t have to learn French which is a must in certain areas of France.


Hi! very inspirational your post! Same here for me! I am trying to get in fiverr market to family and friends. Some of them are listen me, others not to much. But now, I am not living with my official job money. I am living with fiverr now. Not ready to quite my official job but _por los vientos que soplan
Thanks again for your post, you make me feel like I am not the only venezuelan on this!!!


I share this information with every body i can, even without thinking in the referidos program of fiverr. Sorry about my english …


Yes. Venezuela es the best country for business that involve the gas/electricity!!! Or even chupi/chupi (a venezuelan Popsicle in a plastic bag)

I think everybody are more and more in their houses making money with machines or minning. And in the meanwhile the cities are falling in misery.


I use AirTM to take my money.


I did not know that. Venezuelan president has just launch a bitcoin called Petro. It is a little bizarre and I do not know if it will work. Next month start this bitcoin in venezuela.


Thank you for the advice.


The date for the sale of petros is 21.02.18. But it seems like they will change the date every month :roll_eyes: Very sad this situation. And people still believe in this!!!
My sister is american and she is crazy about moving me from here. But let every thing with only a tourist visa don’t make me move still.
Yesterday somebody told me very well about inmigration to Argentina instead.


thank you for your words!


How long time it took to get better the situation in your country???:face_with_raised_eyebrow: