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Venting about empty buyer requirements when discussed in messages

Let me start by saying there aren’t NO requirements.

Sometimes, after chatting at length with a buyer (and sometimes over the course of a day or more) who wants certain specifications for their project, I send them a custom offer. I do voice overs, and my requirements feature three fields:

The script. The tone/direction. Any unique pronunciation/terms.

Occasionally, someone who places an order through a custom offer in messages will fill out ‘already did this’ as if their messages from chat will magically carry over and organize themselves into those neat little categories so that I can find them at a glance.

The reality is that I have to spend fifteen minutes digging through the inbox to do it myself.

It’s not the end of the world, just a minor inconvenience, and I’m just complaining about it.


Ugh I hate when they do this! Sure, I’ll sort through my whole message history with you to make sure I have everything that you are referring to by “as discussed,” if I’m silly enough to not have memorized every message specification from every seller.

And no I don’t mind that there is no official record in the contract of what you want.



Absolutely grinds my gears when buyers just type “as discussed” in the requirements. Regarding the contract, though, you can always screenshot the parts that state the requirements in case of a dispute. I do also believe it’s not in their favor to ignore these fields.


Let me tell you, this is one of the most frustrating things, generally when I send a custom offer, just before or after, I always make sure to say “Even though we’ve chatted about the project at length, please fill out all details in the requirements form. This pairs the information with this specific order in case it needs to be referenced in the future as well as allow the information to be stored separately from the chat system in case there is a system error. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.” 8/10 the buyer follows the suggestion, sadly, 2/10 don’t ever care.

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I don’t really understand the issue. When I talk about specifics with a buyer I add those into the text field of the custom offer myself by copying and pasting bits and pieces of what was said in the chat and then rewriting it into a proper offer so before accepting the offer, the buyer has a chance to look at the details and ask about something if needed. I only need the requirements for direct offers.

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True! Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for the input, consider this however, sometimes a conversation can last quite some time with many variables such as documents, photos, videos that may or may not have changed over the course of the discussion. The buyer may have changed concepts over the period of the discussion and so forth as well. In addition, some files that may need to be used may be scattered throughout the discussion.

As a result, you have a very long chat with spotted information here and there and requirements all over. As we know, even though it is a conversation, it is the responsibility of the buyer to upload all documents, criteria and information for the order.

Consider this:

  1. You look through the entire chat and miss information, this can throw off the entire flow of the order.
  2. You might use a file you thought the buyer oked, but in the end he/she didn’t; for example: a photo or a document, now because it is in chat, the buyer could say “but I sent you this in chat” even though he is in the wrong, as the document is not uploaded directly to the order window, then what?
  3. There is a little clause at the bottom of the requirements “The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs.” Who is to determine accuracy if it is scattered throughout?

Remember not all orders are a simple 1 or 2 paragraph discussion.

I get that, but I’ve always seen it as the seller’s obligation to listen and - if necessary - take notes on what is being discussed, you could just as well write bullet points down in a word document while talking to the potential client. In the end, you want to make sure you get everything listed or else you’re going to run into modification requests eventually and those take extra time off your day to be completed.

If I want to go out and buy myself a new car, I would be really confused if they asked me to write down the contract for them. Same with the cashier at the supermarket, why would it be the buyer’s obligation to note everything down, they’re just there to get a job done and pay you.

You can’t compare this to buying a car or going to the grocery store, this isn’t retail. Based on the services you offer you may not come across the circumstances I mentioned because yours is pretty much straight forward.

I’m also not saying that notes can’t be taken, however there is a reason why even Fiverr puts “The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs.”

Here are two scenarios that happened to me over the last five-six years and you may get my point from this:

#1. I had a lengthy discussion with a buyer about a project, an animated infographics presentation, we went through all the particulars, discussed it at length, he provided about 5 files and a storyboard. Everything seemed like it was good to go. I sent him the custom offer and in the requirements field he put “sent in chat”. I didn’t even bother requesting the files to be reuploaded and proceeded . Upon delivery, I get a modification notice “Why didn’t you use the graphics in the pdf?” … at which point I am confused… I asked “Please note , unless I am mistaken, no pdfs were attached”. Sure enough the buyer comes back and apologizes, he didn’t upload the pdf, we worked things out in the end but my point for this is; had he checked to make sure all the files were uploaded for the project ,this may have been avoided, sure he might have forgotten it as well but since everything would have been in one place versus all the files he sent scattered, he may have noticed.

#2. I had a buyer who I discussed a logo animation at length with for a particular style of glitch animation, after about 10-15 minutes of communication, examples and references I sent him a custom offer and saw that the requirements were filled out almost identical to the discussion. Now here’s the thing, in this case (which was about 6 years ago so I learned my lesson from this); the buyer changed the reference to the agreed style of glitch he wanted to something else, he didn’t inform me otherwise except that when he pasted the requirements, he changed the reference video. I went ahead and animated according to the agreed way in the chat. He naturally asked for a revision and said “Why did you animate this glitch, I wanted the other one…” Me being confused as I know what I delivered was what was discussed, I then found out he changed it after the order. Now , morally the one I delivered was right as that was what the offer was for, but interestingly, because he made the change in the order window then that’s what was to be done.

For you, I guess it would be imagine you downloaded a document to translate from the buyer after agreeing and put it in a folder to work on. Then the buyer accepts the custom offer you sent and reuploads the file but doesn’t tell you that he changed a paragraph inside. So you go ahead and work on the one he sent and you agreed to in chat. Do you see the complication? This is why all final files should be uploaded in the order window!

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