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Venting... waiting for an update from you

These messages I get from Fiverr scolding me that the"customer has been waiting for an update from you for 15 hours… "

Uh, OK. So like we’re supposed to jump out of bed in the middle of the night to instantly respond to people on the other side of the planet?


Yeah buyers know your time zone. If they expect you to get up at 3 am to respond they aren’t someone you want to work with anyway.

But we all know Fiverr would prefer if you respond right away even at 3 am…


There are those that advise others to have the online feature on 24/7.

Hopefully, OP isn’t doing this.

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to timezones, especially if its the middle of the work day in my zone. There are sellers from various countries that stay up at night because that’s when they get most of the orders.


Thanks for the perfect explanation. It is true.

Yep exactly.

I mean I am nocturnal and I admit that it helps so I understand the appeal to approaching things this way. I just wish more sellers understood the good buyers research and vet thoroughly to ensure the best value. The good buyers don’t choose a seller just because they replied first or fast.


I think OP is talking about that feature where someone orders, and it will keep saying on the dashboard on their order, “so and so has been waiting x hours or days for a reply”. Sorry, but this IS annoying and stupid. At least in my work - people order something, provide what I require and I do the work when it is time. It is annoying to see that notice on the dashboard where the orders are - my buyers are NOT waiting for an update - they may be waiting on their order - but, it is not due yet, and I have others in front of them.

I do not know if Fiverr thinks that when someone orders, I am supposed to send a message to acknowledge it. I have never done that, and it just isn’t necessary for me to do - unless I need more information from them.



OK, so 5er has a new one; I had an order come in at 2:05 AM my time, and every hour, on the hour, 5er sent me a “review this order” email. Really? Can’t we sleep? I’ll get to it after breakfast!

I get that we’re supposed to be all about customer service. However, we do have to spend time sleeping, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc. Bottom line, like everyone else in the world, 5er sellers have lives outside of their jobs, which takes time.


I had one client halfway 'round the planet get mad at me several times because of my “slow” response and that I couldn’t produce a document for him within a few hours while my turnaround time was clearly stated in the gig at 7 days (to give me a window to work with in case there is a revision requested).

He kept pressing me for faster responses.

We eventually parted company and I suspect he is bullying someone else by now…lol


OK, so now 5er keeps sending me notices to review the requirements on an order I just delivered! And one I’m currently working on!

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Sometimes the notifications can be buggy I think. I sometimes get notifications from weeks ago saying ‘X has reviewed…’

I write a thank you response to the order because I find it helps me create a rapport with the buyer, but yeah the “is waiting” thing is so o obnoxious and wrong. Fiverr pressures us for no reason.

Like the message about buyers who buy a lot and supposedly deserve special treatment because of that. No they don’t.

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Yes! And the most frustrating is that I do a lot of 24 hour orders, and I immediately get a scolding notification upon booking saying ‘you have less that 24 hours’! So irritating!


What a guilt trip, Fiverr! Ugh

For me the best thing is when I get order, deliver it and then 2 hours after I get email: Great news you have order from XY… and I am like, yes, I know, I did it already, delivered and got feedback and review.


I just saw this and remembered this topic:

Yes he is waiting, and I am sleeping.


I’ve never seen that notification but yes, that would probably annoy me as well.

What is weird is that since I wrote my post about this being obnoxious, annoying and stupid (the message that so and so has been waiting for a response), this type of message has completely DISAPPEARED from my orders! LOL