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Venus Crowned Prince Salutes You!


Hello Fiverrians! I’m a Venusian :crown:. Ignore the rhymes and beam a smile. Oh yeah. :blush: I tell tall tales short! I’m a creative and non-creative writer. Nice to be here.

Aloha. :raised_hand::kissing_heart:


Welcome. I am “beaming” a smile! :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope Venusians know the meaning of this: :four_leaf_clover:
Welcome to the bedlam! :smiley:


Thank you my friend, @Iloydsolutions :v: I can see you smiling from my great throne. Agulak (my great dragon bequeathed to me by my great grandfather, the great King Yaz) says hi. He likes you already.:joy:


Haha😁 indeed! Ours is a world of bedlam and chairlam, with war here and there. The evil Lord Bozo will not rest until he has destroyed the seven realms. But I’ll not also rest until I have laid him to rest in pieces. :angry: Thank you dear @miiila!!!:tulip:


I am “beaming” so much I can’t take any more of this! “Piece” be with you. :star_struck:


Welcome! I would ignore the rhymes but I love to beam a smile! :wink:


Ok. No more! :joy: Lest you find yourself in Venus.


Welcome and Thanks for a cheerful moment! Love the smiles :blush::rofl::star_struck::rose:


Thank you and you’re welcome dear @marymac11 Agulak likes your smiles. :kissing_heart::blossom: