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Verification and other niggles

Trying to verify my account and having problems with the phone verification. Selecting United Kingdom it wont recognise my number starting with 0 as all UK number do?! 4407***** just presents a grey box constantly or an error when dividing the numbers. Cant progress without verification so currently stuck



Afternoon! :sunny:

It’s been a while since I verified so I might be wrong, but I think taking out the 0 will help? The 0 gets replaced with the international code which is 44.

Thought this too but doesn’t seem to have any effect


Have you tried taking the 44 out as well?

Fiverr knows you’re in the UK so will send the verification code to your phone with the 44 added. It’s one method they use to make sure you are actually n the country you’re location’s picked up as. :wink:

Thats greyed out so don’t know if I can do that. it’s all immaterial right now however as I’ve tried so many times to verify now its blocked me for 48 hrs!

Thanks for the advice though

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If the worst comes to the worst, I’m sure CS will be able to help you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. Get in touch with CS