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Verification ID photo, camera menu not working

camera button not working!!!
What can i do now?


Same problem. Try to upload it on browser.

How,? when i click verfiy id option, its go automatic another page.

Anyone please help me,

I had the same problem few weeks ago but it finally accepted. Refresh your device and continue trying. You can cancel the process and start again.

How much day its going to working.?
Do you verify its by app or phone browser?

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Try using a computer browser, sometimes a bug can cause such issues, hope fully it will be removed soon, but if you are in hurry then you can try web version of the site. hope it will help

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I thing it will be work when you put info from your Desktop or Laptop and also the pure info which can easily make your profile verify.

I put pure info in billing address. But i face this problem now

How i can try web version?

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Try opening this Link on laptop or a computer, you can also try via phone chrome browser.

Okay. Thank you so much

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