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Verification is Impossible

So I’m being told by Fiverr that I need to verify my account with ID. That’s fine and all, security’s important, but the problem is in my situation it’s literally impossible to verify and fiverr says my account will be suspended if I don’t verify within the next 10 days, meaning best case scenario I have to start all over and worst case scenario fiverr stops me from making a new account believing I’ve broken rules. The reason why I can’t verify is because I’m 16. I don’t have a driver’s licence yet, I don’t have a passport, and I don’t have a National Identification Card. The Fiverr terms of service says that you can be 13 and use fiverr, so it doesn’t seem right that after using the site for 2 months I’m going to be kicked off because of my age. If anyone has any help they can live, I would appreciate it. Thanks.


I don’t see any way around this for you unfortunately, Fiverr’s verification rules are what they are.

As you’re 16, is it not possible for you to obtain one of those forms of ID? Here in the UK, a provisional (learning) driving license still counts as a license. And I know that passports aren’t as common in the US, but I’m sure you would be able to get one if you wanted to. Same for an ID card surely?

I guess the issue might be the 10-day rule - but perhaps you could contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask them if they would be willing to pause or freeze your account, rather than get rid of it, whilst you obtain the necessary documentation? Worth a shot…

Chances are, as you approach 18/21 years old and above, you’re going to require ID more and more. If you plan on making some money here on Fiverr, now might be a good time to obtain some.

Good luck!

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Your profile states you are in the U.S. so just go to a local DMV and apply for a state-issued ID. I don’t know if/how much prices might have changed, but I remember getting one for about $10.

There are some things/events that ask for multiple forms of ID (I remember a Gov job I applied to once wanted 3), so it’s good to have that extra verification handy anyway.


Is it possible to use a school ID?

Fiverr wants a legal document. A school ID is not that.


You can use your Father or mother’s national id card for Verification. If you used your information in fiverr. I think it is not problem. you can change all information without username. I hope you understand.

Makes sense, I just wondered if it’d work.


And a 13-year-old can get a passport. Or you can do as @imagination7413 suggested.


Really? Did you read that in the Fiverr verification requirements? :thinking:

off course. but you need to change. like your National id card by which you will Verify