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Verification issue

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are doing well. I’m a new seller in Fiverr. Recently I faced a problem and I was so tensed about it. At the time of phone verification, Fiverr asked me to put my elementary school name, I put my full elementary school name, it takes almost 40 letters to complete my elementary school name, I successfully verified my phone number by putting this name. But when I tried to enable 2 step verification option, Fiverr asked me to fill my elementary school name again, but I failed, because it has shown letter limit, I just able to put 20 something letters only and it showed me incorrect elementary school name. What can I do now? I wasn’t able to put my full school name because of the letter limit. In the future, if I failed to verify me, maybe I get BAN from Fiverr. I’m so afraid about this my friend. Please suggest something. Thank you.

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