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Verification link doesn't work

hi everyone ,I’m having problem with verifying my ID card and the link they send me does not work ,i can’t choose id card or passport, even if i chose one of the two choices ,the next button doesn’t work … i’ve tried with different browsers and still have the same problem
Help please

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Have you tried using a smartphone?


Well, that’s good to know.


Yes both smartphon and desktop

@lucycodex can you help me please," reopen the page on a browser" is it means open the same page in another browser ?

And how many accounts have fallen due to Fiverr sending people links which don’t work, I wonder? - Not everyone uses the forum, after all. :thinking:


Is it like a lottery where you can stay if you get the one that works? Jokes aside, I’m getting more and more nervous about this.

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I mean, there’s really just one link for the ID verification process, and that’s what Fiverr sends to everyone. It is possible that some of the ID verification notifications are bugged and directs users to a wrong link or w.e. :roll_eyes:

This is the link that everyone (who has received the “verify your ID” notification) needs to go to in order to initiate the verification process:

https:// www.fiverr. com/id_verification/info

I’ve added random spaces in between to make the link unclickable. :wink: Please do not go to that link unless you’ve received a “verify your ID” notification.

So, if you know the link that you have to go to, as has also been pointed out in my other post, too, you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

NOTE: If you have been asked to verify your ID and the link provided to you in the email or QR code doesn’t work, you should try going to the link mentioned in this post (just remove the random spaces in the link to make it work). :slight_smile:


@lucycodex rarely comes here anymore.


My smartphone has an option i the settings when you are on a website to “open in browser” it might say something like “Open in Chrome”. For some reason, it worked for me then.

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True, I rarely come here. The only reason I knew people were asking me something is because I still get Email alerts. I guess they can be good for something, lol!

Hopefully what I said will be useful