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Verification of id on fiverr


hello guys i can still see the abone image yet i have send my id


Check verification process


Once you successfully verified then please share your experience so we can also learn :slight_smile:


i have already finished all the steps for verification through my mobile phone but still the image appears…please help


anybody who verified his or her account please help me…after i have send all my id i still see the below


if you failed in 3rd attempt they will restrict your profile better to contact Cs and send your info hope that works :slight_smile:


after sending yesterday …it was under review…so i wanna know how many days do it takes the CS to check the details?


it will take 24hr or 48hr don’t worry Cs will solve your solution.


ok thank you so much
let me wait…and hope this will disappear from my fiverr account


If you type “fiverr verification” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


i have already send them my verification id…it is under review…i sent yesterday but the below still appears in my fiverr account