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Verification with My Dad Pictures, is it Possible?

Government Still Didn’t provide my NID. I have my Dad Id. But the picture of my profile is mine. How can I Verify Now? Suggest me Please.
How can I wait if Fiverr send me the verification message now? can I delay that?

Give me some Tips about Gig. How to get a Client ???

Here is the link:-
I’m a Data Entry freelancer.


Wait. Wait until you get your own ID.

And there is like a full selection of sites that can give you a video without watermark, or did you put watermark on your GIG videos? You should put your own branded watermark then not TRIAL.


@mubashir006 You can apply for the passport. I don’t have NID either but got my passport. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t hurry. Wait until got your NID. If you have passport, you can use the passport.


Okay. I’m also thinking about that. Thanks for your advice.

Can I verify my account if the picture isn’t the same with NID?

I haven’t any passport and NID.

Hi @mubashir006
Wait until got your NID, or
You can apply for the passport.

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I’m also thinking about that. Thanks for your advice.bro :heart:

Just for the avoidance of doubt:

It is against the Terms of Service to attempt to use someone else’s ID to verify your own. This is a permanent banning offence.

It doesn’t matter if you have permission from the “someone else”, they’re a relative or a friend - using someone else’s ID is forbidden.

Apply for your NID or passport or driving licence (it must be a photo driving licence), wait for it to be issued, then when you have it - ONLY THEN, use it to verify your ID.

I understand it’s hard to wait. However, waiting gives you at least a chance of getting some work here.

Cheating ensures you fail before you begin.