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Verified accoun delete

I have a verified fiverr accoun. I want to delete this for create a new account have any proble?

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Why would you want to do that?

Don’t delete the account! verified id couldn’t replace!!

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why did you mention said account was verified, fishy fishy fisho?

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I don’t get more sell

Thank you for your valuable information

and how exactly having a new account will help you?

because i have already verified and have any problem

I don’t know. i asked for know

then I’m going to answer you that its a horrible idea.

you will offer the same gig with the same quality just on a new account without reviews :woman_shrugging: so why do you think you will have more chances to sell the same thing but with no reviews?


I think a new account rank more and more

well I’m not going to argue with you, if you want to bet everything on an algorithm that is changing constantly then good luck with that.

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have any suggestion about this?

It’s not a good idea I think. Get sales from a new account is hard. Why people will trust you without review? I remembered, I got my first sales after 3 months and that was a client from my twitter.

But if you really want that, contact Fiverr support they will help you.

thank you for you important reply

Good luck brother. :slightly_smiling_face:

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