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Verified Accounts and Privacy

Hi. I’ve noticed that sellers with verified accounts seem to get better results on this site. I’m also getting spammed by scammers that want to use me for upwork, since I’m a new user located in the U.S. For these reasons, I’m seriously thinking about trying to get verified. My only hangup is privacy. I don’t have a problem sharing my identity with Fiver, but I’m ambivalent about sharing my full name with users. Is there a way to get around this or is this a catch-22 for me?

I think you misunderstood id verification with fiverr pro. Id verification dont give you any badge.


Okay I guess it doesn’t matter then. I’ll just wait until I’m no longer a new user and hopefully I stop getting spammed

Everyone gets spam from time to time, but it’s true that scammers mostly target new users.