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Verify account because of new coputer

By now, I am very close to forgetting Fiverr all together.
I am on a different computer and of course Fiverr doe not recognize t CPU. Not rocket science. But, the form to verify my email address has ZERO other option. I no longer own that domain. I know my login to Fierr. I gave correct username and correct password
All Fiverr gives is one option only: to receive the code to that email address. I see that I am logged in - but not really because clicking on the logged-in simply logs me out.
There is no way that I can verify via phone - because it does not give that option at all.
So - you just wasted another /2 hr. of my time with zero results.
I have been a buyer at Fiverr for many years. But that is the straw that breaks the camels back by now.

The only ption you leave, if I still want to be able to log in is to create a new account - meaning, I lose all my previous contacts and orders over the past years. Thanks for nothing! :rage: