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"Verify phone number" on gig not working


Hey, please help!

My phone number has been verifyed in my account but when i have posted my first gig an error occur in the phone verification!

How can I solve this? I want to post my first gig!

Thanks and very glad for your help in advance!


Customer Support is your better bet than posting here, especially if it´s time-sensitive and impairs the site functionality for you and isn´t “just” some already known bug that´s being worked on. Send a ticket here:
There is Report a Bug in the drop-down, or if the sub-drop-downs there aren´t suitable, you can always take the “neutral” Feature Support and then “Other Selling Features”.
Support response time varies, sometimes a few hours, sometimes it can take 24-48 hours.


Oh, thank you very much @miiila for your help. I just did what you suggested! Great advice, thanks!