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Verify problem on computer, should please someone help me?

i am new at fiverr and i would need to help with something:. two days ago i registred but page needs to verify my phone number, and every time i try to put my number in box it freeze and nothing can be typed it, i tried to
clean my cookies and caches, download different browser
and nothing worked. support told me to try it on phone and their nex message was " Note that the verification process may not be completed using the mobile version of Fiverr. Please use your Mac/PC"
But …? my problem is that on computer it does not work.

Is there any possible way to verify it while phone box is stuck ?
Thanks for anwser, I would be really grateful for any help.

This isn’t a typical issue, but it sounds like something that is happening on your end. Can you try it from a different PC? If you have an alternate computer in your home, try that and if possible use Chrome for your browser and don’t use any extensions or pop-up blockers during the process. Also, be sure you are not running VPN - that can definitely screw up your verification process.

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Thank you for your time and tips, yes i tried it also on laptop and i am using chrome, (tried also firefox and explorer), is there possibility that fiverr just don’t work in my country or something? ( i am from the Czech Republic) but i saw a lot of gigs from there :confused: anyway it’s still not working box for “country” can be typed in and changed but my phone number can’t… i guess i have to give up on fiverr. :sob:

i accidently solve it :joy::joy::joy: i tried the last thing on world that would get on my mind but i used shift and manual numbers it don’t accept numeric keyboard don’t know why but it works :sweat_smile::joy::joy: