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Verify your identity to continue selling on Fiverr but no local ID?

Today I got a notification from Fiverr stating how I have to provide them with a document. But I am just 15 and the only form on identity I have is a passport. On top of that, my Fiverr profile says I am from Bangladesh (which is where I made the account and temporarily stuck because of COVID-19) but my passport is Canadian. My passport was issued in Bangladesh. When I go to do the process it asks where my document was issued and the picture of the ID. Can I just say Bangladesh and provide a picture of my Canadian passport? FYI I do not have a local passport. My future bank account is also likely to be Canadian. Is this going to be a problem? TIA


No one here knows the answer. You’ll need to contact CS and discuss it with them.

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Pls, talk to customer support.

This is a sensitive issue. However, ideas and opinions from people could help, but I rather suggest you reach out to the customer support for a more certain approach to take.

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