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Verify your phone Number

Your phone is not verified. You have to complete your phone verification. After 30 days your account will be restricted from:
Creating new Gigs
Receiving new orders
Withdrawing funds

Okay, then verify your phone. Problem solved.

The whole verification took about 3 seconds for me.


I don’t see anything alarming about it?

It’s great. Fake accounts will get restricted and stop creating competition for the honest, hard working people like us.

I’m all in.

P.S. I confirmed 15 minute ago. Literally took no longer than 45 seconds.


Yeah !Every Honest Buddy on Fiverr Will like It … <3

Even it took 30 seconds for me to verify my account :slight_smile:

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You’ve shown some unusual forum activity before but if you are being straight up these days, there should be no cause for alarm.

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Are you suggesting that you aren’t an “Honest Buddy”? :wink:

Point of view matters … ! i alarmed Forum buddies to verify their Phones.

Why is confirming your telephone alarming you so much?

lol it took me to Verify in 3 Seconds…

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I’m verified now :heart_eyes:


If you have already verified your telephone number, then what is the purpose of this forum topic? And why have you stated that it is alarming (in your topic title), if you completed the process in three seconds?

Based upon the context of this topic, I don’t understand your “concern”.

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i dont know Why You Are going to shoot me on this Forum … anyway i renamed the title … :stuck_out_tongue:

There is one cause

Changes to the Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, so please re-visit this page frequently.

But one can always get a cheap prepaid sim card and use that only for fiverrs phone verification.

There shouldn’t be any issue (or cause for alarm) with identifying oneself to Fiverr and sure, if a burner phone works, that’s cool. It’s not a privacy concern unless Fiverr gives your phone number out. They’ve already covered that separately from just the privacy policy.

"Will my phone number be public?

Absolutely not! We do not share your phone number with other Fiverr users.

Your privacy is just as important to us as your account security. Your phone number remains private with Fiverr, and will not be used for commercial use or marketing purposes."

Still their keeping the option open like most companies often do.

Personally i have no problem with phone verification as long as the verification message comes from a listed number.

thank you very much, I just knew about this right now. so I have verified my Phone number successfully.

I am not getting this phone verification?

@zubairfb Go to,
Setting>security>Phone verification.