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Verifying Identity on Fiverr

I just received an email to verify my identity in my email. My question is I’m from Canada so what are the official documents that are accepted. I don’t have a driver’s lisence and my passport is expired. Fiverr temporary disabled my account until I sort this out.
How do I go about clearing this up? I so have my social insurance number would that work?
Any help would be appreciated!!!


Check this out:

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

Good Morning,
I have yet to receive a response from customer service concerning verifying identity on Fiverr.
I want to continue providing services how long does it take to get a response?
Thanks for your help!!

This is Fiverr manual checking process. It’s very simple to fulfill that task.

You can see the details here.

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

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You can use your Nation ID to verify your identity that you own this account. The verification process must complete to continue selling on fiverr.If you are having issues with passport and driving license you can contact fiverr support regarding this issue but if you have National photo id you can submit this to verify your identity on fiverr to continue selling on fiverr.Hope that works for you.

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Canada does not have an National ID card seeing that I don’t drive a car, I took a photo of my medi- care card which on normal circumstances works but they refused it. Hopefully they will contact me soon!

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No worry! everything will be okay. Fiverr support team will get back to you soon.

I have contacted customer support about the issue of identity verification. I have told them that I don’t drive, and that my passport has expired and they are still asking for a picture ID. Here in Canada I use our Medi-care card for identification but they say it’s not a valid piece of identification. The only other piece of id I can offer is my social insurance number but it doesn’t have a picture ID…What should I do? Any other Canadians using Fiverr with the same issue??



How are you? I can see that you are overly concerned about this issue but it can be fixed :computer:. In fact, there are articles that have been published on this platform to explain the procedure to resolve this problem and have the team enable your account.

They usually disable or suspend accounts from time to time for miriad of reasons. Please follow the guideline here and get those gigs active again :wink::

You can also contact fiverr admin by hovering over more and select contact us for further assistance if you are still having difficulty rectifying this problem.

Have a peaceful and restful night.



Thanks for the concern. It just feels as though customer support is not reading my messages and responding accordingly. I have told them on numerous emails that my passport has expired and and that I don’t drive but those pieces of identification are what is accepted. Here in Canada I use my Medicare card with picture for this reason with no issue. I told them this and they said it would not work. I have my social insurance # here that is also valid in Canada but I don’t think it’s valid because it does not have a picture. I just feel that they are not looking at the situation for what it is. I won’t be able to apply for another passport in time and with the Covid situation I don’t think its really necessary.
Anyways, that’s what it is. Waiting to see what they say.


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