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Verifying My Fiverr Gig by Phone Always Fails


Hello there!

I’ve been trying to verify a gig of mine for over two weeks.

The problem is that when I enter my phone number into the phone number field and hit the “Call” button, my phone does not ring.

I have tried this over ten times and each time it fails.

Of course, I’ve logged out, rebooted, cleared cookies and cache, used different browsers, and tried all of these in combination.

But the result is still the same: phone verification fails because my phone does not ring.

I have written emails to support about this but they do not reply.

So this forum is my last resort. If doesn’t reply this forum is my last resort.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?


Would you try the second option which is send a verification code by SMS.


It would not be a very useful choice. Landlines do not have the ability to receive SMS, which is why I specifically chose the “Call” option. This should work with a landline. It has worked in the very recent past with Google, and also with a transaction related to my bank account. In fact, it worked only four days ago in relation to a delivery from my local grocery company.

While I’m glad that Fiverr does have the choice of the “Call” option (in that it does not assume that everyone has a mobile and that nobody uses a landline) it would be great if this option actually worked.

Fiverr has chosen not to tell me why I am not able to use its own verification system. I have asked many times, by using both their online contact system of drop-down queries and by email to their support address, but Fiverr has chosen to remain silent on this particular subject. Who is to know the reason for this?


Some do - not all carriers support it, but I have sent text messages to landlines (by mistake) in the past. The text message is converted to a voice message.

You could try it and see if it works?


At the risk of stating the obvious, devices which display SMS must have a screen.

I have noticed over the years that my phone does not have a screen.

I have an extension in my study. This, too, is lacking a screen.

It’s quite a noticeable feature, the absence of a screen.


As I explained, it converts the text message to a voice message. Please do a Google search if you don’t believe me.
how do I receive text messages on my landline

Like you, I’m in the UK, and I know it’s worked for me previously.

Added - why not just get a mobile phone? It would make it much easier for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

The (impending) ID verification requires a mobile phone with a QR scanner etc. from what other users have said, so I’m afraid that can’t be done with a landline either.


I’m not sure about this but, may your ISD call will be not permitted, or auto reject the robotic call by the service provider(landline).
You may try to use SMS option. Looks what happens next. It may convert the text to a voice call. If not, you may update your telephone set.
May construct your service provider how to receive a SMS or why you unable to receive the verification call form fiverr.


Ask someone who has a mobile phone to send you a text to your landline number. I am in the UK and it should be received as described by @smiler3d


My phone does not have that facility.

In any case, it misses the point. The point is that my phone does not ring in any event.

That means that the phone has not been contacted. If I pick up the receiver I will hear a dialling tone and nothing else.

This post is not about enabling my phone, it is about finding another way to verify a gig (or account). There must be some other way of verifying a gig (or account) but Fiverr is just keeping quiet about it.

I was hoping that someone on this forum had experience of verifying their gig (or account) in some other way.

Has anyone?


It is inexpensive to buy a cell phone with a short period of calling on it.

Also are you being told to verify a gig, or your fiverr account phone number?


So you’ve double checked that the correct country code is selected (eg +44) and after that it’s just the numbers representing the area code and full phone number?

Also if you’re not using Google Chrome you could try using that when doing the phone verification in case that has any effect.

You could also check the phone is working and ringing correctly by getting another phone to ring it. eg. check “ring” hasn’t been turned off.


It seems not.

You’re going to need a smartphone in the future to verify your ID - why not just get one now to make your life easier? Cheap phone from ebay, lowest package from GiffGiaff is only £5 a month (other providers are available) - problem solved! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is 2019 after all! :wink:


It only costs about $20 here in the states to get a cell phone at a drugstore with about 24 hours worth of calling on it.

I don’t know how you have managed to avoid this inevitability until now. Especially on fiverr where we verify our phone numbers for our accounts. You’ve been lucky so far.


I am being asked to verify as the final process to setting up a new gig, but the wording seemed to be to verify my ‘new’ account. But since I have been using Fiverr for eight years and have had over a dozen gigs within that time and bought over a hundred more, my account is hardly new.

So go figure…

I have asked Fiverr support exactly the same question but they do not reply.


It must be something new they are doing. Yes it seems strange to ask someone who has been here for so long to prove themselves but we all get caught up having to pay in our own ways due to the lowest common denominator being so dishonest about how many accounts they have, what country they are actually in, etc.


I know how to enter a phone number.

The phone’s inate ability to ring is not impaired. I have received many calls since my issues with Fiverr started. And, no, the ring facility has not been turned off. I know this because it rings every time someone calls me.


Of course, the matter could be cleared up in a moment if Fiverr Support replied to any of my emails.

But they don’t.

They’re beginning to get themselves a very bad reputation.


Have you tried creating a support ticket (through the “help & support” option at the bottom of a Fiver page) instead of emails? As long as they don’t think that would be spamming. Also maybe attach a relevant screenshot to the support ticket.


I would advice you to try the verification process on your PC. That should solve your problem.


I have used all of Fiverr’s support facilities. I have also attached several screenshots where these have been helpful or useful.

But answer came there none.