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Verifying my phone number

Hi! I’m trying to register as a seller, and phone verification is necessary before I can start gigging. However, fiverr isn’t accepting my phone number – it just says “there’s something wrong with this number” but doesn’t specify what.
I’m using a computer (not phone or tab), and have been restricted now for 24 hours from trying again to verify.
What could be the issue, and how might I resolve it?
Thank you

I heard this for the first time.
Did you tried to put some other phone number (if you have two or more)?

Yes Bro, he is right. You should try another number and type that number no Missing . Hope it will solved.

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I don’t have another number

I am currently having the same issue entering phone number. Has anyone found a solution? Or is there a way to notify the hosts? I, too, have no other number and this issue is keeping me from completing my profile.

In case you’ve used the num pad of your keyboard, try the numbers in the top row instead, that has solved the issue for some people;
if that’s not it, you’ll probably need to open a ticket , and patience, as support response time currently is slow, unless you’re a higher leveled seller, or a buyer, don’t know how it is for new users.

Thanks so much for your input, Miiila. I did try both number pad and numbers in top row. Neither worked. Will have to find a way to contact support directly or generate a ticket. Again, I appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

Thanks a lot, miiila!

A long time ago, I have verified my phone number. I don’t remember how I did it. Maybe your country code not entered. for that showing the problem. I am not sure but maybe it is right. If you haven’t noticed then you should notice. All the best!

I added a 1 to the beginning of my number and it worked. I am in the US


that didnt work for me

First of all, necropost.
Second of all, isn’t it bannable to do IRL trading in skyblock? Your gig violates 3rd party TOS.