Version 2 - The New Fiverr?


I have only been a buyer on Fiverr for about 2 years. But, this new “V2” does not seem nearly as user friendly as they make it out to be. I am not comfortable with the navigation or look. And, several of the buttons and links I enjoyed and used before, are either non-existent or hard to find.

While maybe I agree Fiverr could use a “facelift”, I am realizing that I am not happy coming here to buy anymore, as I cannot find what I am looking for as easily. While there are plenty of gigs here. I cannot find what I am looking for as readily. And, the options to see the Feedback as well as Orders in Que, etc… It is just not the same.

The site is more flashy and modernized, but not very functional in my opinion. It is sad that Fiverr has taken a good thing and seemingly complicated it for the sake of “keeping up with the Joneses”?


The biggest problem with V2 is that it’s not set up for sellers who do higher than normal volume. A few gigs a day and the new Fiverr seems fine. But once you go past 8+ gigs a day it becomes confusing and hard to manage. Hit 25-35 sales a day and it’s a true nightmare. If you have multiple gigs, with different deadlines it’s all hell. You have pages of active gigs showing on your order page but it doesn’t show the titles. Loads of notifications and different ways to view active gigs. Great look, but clearly not geared to anyone who sells more than a few gigs a day.