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Vertical Facebook Video Ads: If you use them, what is the best Aspect Ratio


I feel quite dumb here as I have spent all day making vertical Facebook video ads but Facebook is killing the aspect ratio of each every time I upload. (And I am following all guidelines).

In this case, if you use VERTICAL Facebook video ads yourself, what aspect ratio are you formatting your videos at in pixels exactly?


Wondering this myself.


Then feel free to join my late night private wondering club.


Found this if it’s any use?

So for 1080p (1080X1920) the highest quality vertical video you may output is 720 Horizontal by 1280 vertical.
And for 720p (720X1280) the highest quality vertical video you may output is 576 horizontal by 1024 vertical.

I did 720x1280 and it looked fine.


I think that should be


Thank you, this is what I have been trying but… I think I know what I have been doing wrong. I was trying to create a universal vertical video but this doesn’t seem to be how it works. I can go vertical or square. Mark Zuckerberg simply won’t let me be both.