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Very angry at buyer


hello friends, can you imagine? a buyer gave me 2 porn links to post for him because i have not had any sales, i quickly rejected his job because i saw some selling writing on their gig that they do not promote pornography, is it advisable for me to reject it or not? please advice because have not made any sales, thanks.


Always refer to Fiverr’s Terms of Service if you’re wondering what you can and cannot do here on Fiverr. You did the right thing to reject this Gig.

The Terms of Service says: Non-Permitted Usage

Adult Services & Pornography - Fiverr does not allow any exchange of adult oriented or pornographic materials and services.

Have a look at the rest here:

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


It is really up to you. Every seller decides for themselves what they are comfortable with. Fiverr has rules against offering adult services as a gig but you have to decide for yourself regarding what you will promote. For example, some people do book reviews but do not review erotica. Some people write fiction and may be fine with writing erotica. If you are uncomfortable with it, I would not do it and I would put a note in your gig description saying that you don’t promote adult content. There are other ways to get sales without doing things you don’t feel good about.

Edit - There you go - admin says this falls into a category that isn’t allowed. That gives you an easy out.


thanks very much, but i need buyers for my new gig,please where can i get that for my gig.


Reply to @globalva: That rule is complicated, I searched porn, and adult and found this:

I will write FIVE 100 word adult webcam blog posts for $5

I will add Your Backlink To My Adult Tube Website for $5

The second guy has 15 reviews, and he’s a level 2, it’s not the only thing he does, but as you can see, people are looking for this.

I also found:

I will create you fake porn pics that look real for $5 (there’s a 100% naked chick as the gig image, but he has no orders)

I will send You 10 Full Porn Movies for $5

I will advertise your porn message on Twitter for $5

Of course, some of these gigs might get deleted by Fiverr, others will survive.

The line between pornography and erotica is a fine one.

Sorry for the fragglestock, as you can see, Fiverr is censoring some keywords.