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Very Angry at Rude and ungrateful buyer

So I am very angry at a buyer for leaving a bad review after getting more than he had paid for… very angry #!÷
Fiverr gives you no control :frowning:


Amen. Sellers have basically no power.

What you need is a set of therapeutic remedies for this freelancing inevitability. We live in a five star rating world. From our social posts and concepts to our musical tastes and employment - we’re being rated at all times on a flimsy (and non-coordinated) curvature. Here are some stress release remedies that will give you your groove back:

1) Drive into unfamiliar parts of town, knock on people’s door and introduce yourself as “their new neighbor.”

People are never more human than when presented with the opportunity to falsely represent their best selves. You may even get a coffee and pie out of the deal.

2) Enact “Golden Girls” Tuesday.

Each Tuesday, make it a point to only speak in Golden Girls dialogue. Each week pick a new character and rotate (except for Stanley… that will only add to your stress). See example bellow:

“Hey how are you today Corina?”

“You’ll have to excuse my mother. She suffered a slight stroke a few years ago which rendered her totally annoying.”

3) Call random numbers and begin the conversation with, “You know that thing we talked about? Well, it’s happening in ten minutes…gotta go.”

To make sure the recipient really appreciates it, make sure your number is blocked.

I have many more remedies for centering yourself and becoming the vessel through which productivity is channeled…but for now, study these and begin your new life as the more calm, more focused you.


Thats not new really. But this time you have learnt it,so you wont be frustrated anymore :wink: :wink:

I hear you! Recently I made a post saying “Frustrated Fiverr Seller” where I have explained all the issues I have been facing as a seller. Fiverr is so much biased towards the buyers as they bring in the money, but what they dont understand is without someone selling there will be no buyer on Fiverr. So they should start giving equal importance to seller’s as well.

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The whole 5 start thing is stupid anyway.
Youtube, Netflix etc. All of them have thumbs up or down and they surly know what they are doing.


There are ways to solve that kind of issue. You can offer them a refund and say you see they were not satisfied with their product. That will get rid of the comment.

Another way is offering them a complimentary service and letting them know how important their feedback is to you.

i just imagined you as a voice over narrator from some black mirror episode

I was totally thinking black mirror as I wrote it.

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super thank you so much. I did not know!

HEHEHE :)))))
thank you, kind Sir, your words are magic.

I agree!!! Exactly! I hate not having power!

This has changed.


Fiverr is more about the buyers than protecting the sellers unfortunately and I hope this will change some time soon. Sorry to hear that happened to you… It had happened to many of us, including me :confused:

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Thank you. … I honestly was not expecting to get so many responses. … I

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Haha why not? we are many people in that forum and this topic was something that made us angry once or twice :stuck_out_tongue:

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