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Very bad experience and the buyer threatening me


I had a very bad experience with a buyer. The job involves product uploading to the Shopify. The job is completed and we have to cancel the order due to the disagreement. But the buyer got all the job completed without any payment. I am fine with the cancellation but she is threatening me to complain about it by saying that I am dishonest throughout the process.

She kept insisting me to complete the job before the agreed timeline and I told her that the time is still there to complete the job in time and which I have taken care of. According to her, I have not completed the job within the timeline which I have done. I delivered the job with the proof by sending the screenshots and links of the job. But she sent the job for revision by saying that it is not fully completed. I again do a quick revision and sent her the proof of the completion of the job.

Then she started to show me some issues with the job and which I fixed asap and asked her if she needs anything else more. She did not answer for a day and a half. And I waited for her for the response so that I can deliver the job if she is satisfied. But after a day and a half, she kept insisting that the job is not perfectly done. The issue is the pics of the products are not in equal size. I informed her that I used the pics provided by her and nothing else. Also told her that we have not agreed to resize the pics at the starting of the job and there was no mention of it before starting the job. I have mentioned her this problem and asked her if she has any suggestions for that. And she stopped to talk about it.

After that, she started to tell me that the job is not completed in the timeline and I am dishonest and report it to Fiverr. and make request Fiverr restrict my account. I informed her that I have completed the job in the agreed deadline and all of sudden she sent me a cancellation request. I accepted it as I do not want to involve in a dispute as it will take my time and energy. The buyer got the job completed free. Now, I think that the buyer had the intention of getting it free and that’s why she started showing issues and threatened me. I am very scared that she threatened me to send the request to restrict me on Fiverr. I do not want to lose my account as I have done a lot of hard work to reach this stage. This is a very awkward situation. Should I contact CS?



Hi Rupa
This is the everyday experience here on fiverr.
am very sorry to hear that, this makes us all sellers very worried ever since this kind of attitude is observed from the buyers side.
many of us sellers raised their voice to the fiverr team to deal with buyers attitude and restrict them and put some sort of rules and terms for buyers as well so they should also behave as we sellers normally do.
you should contact CS, its the right way, but I don’t think its gonna help.
Praying for you.


Thanks for your concern.
Eventually, I accepted the cancellation request as I do not want to involve in a dispute as it will take my time and energy. The buyer got the job completed free. Now, I think that the buyer had the intention of get it free and that’s why she started showing issues and threatened me. I only care about any complain by her side to Fiverr to restrict me.


I’m always annoyed with clients like this.

But next time stand your ground and never accept cancellation when the job was done.

Now you SHOULD contact support team (even if you already agreed to cancel) and report her with a screenshots of threatening. And I would strongly advise to do so before she does so Fiverr Support will see both sides.

It is strictly against fiver TOS for buyers to blackmail sellers to get work for free and that’s what she did.
Don’t be afraid of customer support they usually help in this kind of cases. Don’t let that buyer take advantage of you.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion and I will do the same now. Thanks again.



Is your order has been cancel mutual agreement? If yes, so don’t worry! feeling sad to hear that, I don’t know can i we relief this types of situation. But I will definitely recommend you please checkout buyer before order, it’s pretty much help you to avoid this type of experience.

This is what happens when you agree to cancel completed work. You basically gave the buyer all of your work for free. Don’t cancel completed orders, because you get nothing out of the deal, and lose your time, and the work you completed.

Yes, she most certainly did. You don’t want to be involved in a despute that wastes time and energy, but you were okay giving her all of your work for free – which wasted your time and energy, and made sure you don’t get paid for that work?

That could very well be what she was doing – and you allowed her to do it.

If a buyer is threatening you, you should report that buyer to Customer Support. It is NOT okay for anyone to threaten anyone else here on the Fiverr platform.

If the buyer is threatening you, yes. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do about the cancelled order. The order is done, and you let the buyer get away with your work for free. In the future, stand your ground, and do not cancel work that was completed according to your gig description and terms. You deserve to get paid for the work that you do, no matter what the buyer demands.

Don’t let bad buyers take advantage of you.


Thanks a lot for your thorough analysis of the situation and suggestions. Please let me know what should be the steps to be taken to prevent such cases and what if the buyer leave a very poor rating? Thanks

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The buyer cannot leave a review if the order was cancelled.

As far as prevention, if you learn to say “no”, and refuse to cancel orders that have already been completed and delivered, than you minimize the chances that a bad buyer will be able to take advantage of you.


Okay, but what about the rating if the buyer accepts the order after he kept rejecting it. He can leave very bad review.

You can respond to his/her bad review with facts what happened. Yes, it lowers your overall and gig rating but it doesn’t prevent the customers from buying from you.


No need to be scared, you delivered what she asked and paid for and your job is done and if she keep on asking revision send her a customer offer for the revision, do not accept a mutual cancellation if you have done your job!


That’s sad to know. In case of any such conflict with buyer. Try to deliver the order and ask the buyer to contact CS to cancel the order with mutual agreement. There’s alot better opportunities on fiverr. So, do not spend you heart out to something which seems to end like this way.

Good luck for your future and always take such things as learning lessons to do things in a way that you are secure and job is delivered with mutual agreement and acceptance.


Yes he can, and he is allowed to do so. Buyers may rate sellers on all completed orders.


What you could do for future orders for the gig is, if you think it’s best, is to increase the delivery time on the gig and also maybe create an extra for extra fast delivery (which could be the same delivery time as now).

Maybe you could put minimum recommended product image sizes in the gig description and/or in the requirements section. Maybe you could recommend that the product image sizes are all approx. the same size or maybe have a question in the requirements about what to do if they are very different (eg. whether to resize). I assume you could then batch resize to a common size (or common max width/height if they are different aspect ratios) if that’s what they wanted or otherwise leave as they are if that’s what they select.


What I can see and feel over here in fiverr is… Fiverr is protecting buyers and ignoring the effort of seller. And this is the business rule because they are spending money and fiverr is getting commission from it. else fiverr would be closed in its initial stage despite of running in 10th year. We all seller over here are just a mean for fiverr to generate earning and definitely fiverr will protect the buyer rather than seller. If one seller is out there are many new seller joining but if one buyer out means fiverr got reduction in its earning. So as a seller it better to be silent whatever will happen… This is my personal suggestion to seller may be logical too.

@ mariashtelle1 Your precious advice will also helpful for me. Thank you

Yes, you are right in a sense but i don’t think that Fiverr is a buyer centric rather a very balanced marketplace. They do take action against buyers if it’s proved in their findings.

But, as a seller yes it’s better to spend energies on work rather on a buyer which is tough. As you can’t get always a winning situation. It’s a competitive marketplace. So, need to define strategies to best counter situation rather making it a show stopper.



your words are appreciated. But as a fiverr seller I have also encounter a lots of issue without knowing the reason from CS… even a simple mistake can restrict seller!!! and sometimes even seller will not get the proper answer why he is restricted… Isn’t it a issue for seller???

Everything you need to know to avoid any warnings or restrictions is listed in the Fiverr Terms of Service, linked at the bottom of every Fiverr page.