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Very bad experience, I have to complain. Fiverr has to review its order flow policy

I had a very bad experience with this seller: **********, He kept delaying delivery date under all excuses, but the Fiverr system automatically marked the order as complete. I placed the order last Dec for website design, delivery date is within 15 days of order date. the site is still not functional as of today when I am writing this. The order is only half finished. Is there a way that I can ask half of my money back?

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You can get your money back if you contact Customer Support with a proof you haven’t received what you paid for.

What you can’t do is mention sellers by name on the forum, it’s against the rules. You need to remove the username from your post.


You need to remove the name of the seller as it is against forum rules to negatively name buyers and sellers.


The system marks the order complete automatically 3 days after the order is delivered unless a revision etc. is requested. If it wasn’t in the “delivered” state it couldn’t have automatically then been set to complete after 3 days.

But like has been suggested, the best thing to do now is to contact CS if the work wasn’t done as described (eg. site not functional).

you will get your money back talk to CS

The modification button is your friend. If you don’t use it, any seller can ignore you and the order will be marked complete.

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