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Very bad experience on Fiverr!

Hi guys,
I had a bad experience with this guy:
[Mod Note: Link removed - Please read forum rules]
I was discussing about the terms and if could customize his video to ours needs and I got this message:
"we review the requirements and telling you the price if agree go with the quoted price if not please leave thanks"
such a very rude way !
than I ordered, but seems like he is only able to change the text- which is not convient to us, and than because of the bad communication again. I just canceled.
and again I got this message
"why the hell did you order. go away !
I don’t think fiverr should allow these kind of people to do business.
I have ordered many gigs here, but never had such a bad experience.

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It is against forum rules to name and shame sellers so you need to remove this immediately.


Please contact Customer Support about this.


I couldn’t leave a review about this seller. but I wouldn’t accept to be trated that way. anybody who wants to do business needs do respect client. whatever happend.

it’s not about money “mogern” . it’s about respect before anything.

thanks. miiila. …

ok i see, sorry i dont know respect matters for you

mogern ? why such a sarcastic comment ?!please let us show we are grown up

what i am saying is that it not right to come to this forum and disregard any seller…i must also defend this seller because you get your money back ,if you have the issue on personal level.please contact support and discuss it with them

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ok thanks. I contacted the support.
at first, I have seen " you fiverr experiences " it thought it was about this.



You should show this to customer support with a screenshot. A seller is not allowed to talk this way.

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I’m sorry you had a bad experience with this seller. I do disagree with this:

I only hire skilled sellers with excellent portfolio samples. I hire them immediately, I don’t even bother messaging before ordering unless I have a question not answered by the gig description.

You should also remember that when you message someone, you’re forcing them to work without paying them. Replying messages is work.

Buyers should also remember that online communications aren’t the same as offline communications. People can sound rude when they writer, even a simple thing like writing a word IN ALL CAPS can anger people.

Other times buyers see sarcasm where there isn’t any.

So the next time you get angry with a seller, try to look at things from his point of view.

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This is the kind of job such as when someone wants to buy a burgler alarm system for their home, or hire someone to do remodeling. They have sales people come over and show them the options, and prices.

They don’t get paid unless they make a sale. This is like that. Sometimes you have to take the time to explain and sell to them.

People in these types of jobs know they only get paid if they make the sale. So if you answer messages, it means you have an opportunity to make a sale.


Yes, but that’s offline selling, and you’re getting paid a lot more than $5.

When I had to remodel my tenant’s apartment floor, I had to drive one hour in traffic to find the guy. Then give a deposit, then chase after him to make sure he did the job he promised to do.

He’s a nice guy, but I hated the experience. I hated having to act like a project manager, I’m used to paying and forgetting about it.

My point is Fiverr is supposed to be different, it’s designed to be different. If I need your services, I just hire you, why should I pester you with questions? You sell X, I pay X, you do it, I review you, it’s done.

Below is the kind of client I like:

Whatever is an app made specifically for college, you can….

• Stay up to date with campus events
• Create events, get attendance and meet people
• Engage and interact in the campus community
• Get recommendations of events and users

No more pointless surfing, missing interesting events and difficulties in locating like-minded friends. Just a fast and efficient way to connect and get be a part of the campus community.

We need a short and sweet yet super catchy and effective slogan

We do not have a website yet. Here is our facebook page:"


See? No pre-order communication, no demand for samples, no stupid questions, just crystal clear instructions.

I wish everyone was like her.


I see that when someone gets a custom offer from me the total sale is almost twice what it is when they order on their own without talking to me first. It makes all the difference.

I have a bunch of extras that add up which I can recommend.

I don’t waste much time usually unless I’m in a very good mood answering too many questions. I just send a custom order.

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This is very offensive.

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I learned a long time ago the forum is not where you share experience as a buyer. You won’t get any sympathy; that is just the way it is in here so don’t be mad. I think the regular posters here are mean to buyers like you, but I try not to say so too often. Important thing is you don’t feel bad about yourself sharing true feelings on a forum supposed for experience sharing. You are not the only one fooled by the forum title. No need to stay politically correct 24/7

This a remarkably sad view of the forum. I think buyers should be encouraged to share their experiences. This forum is for buyers AND sellers.

And I disagree with the “no sympathy” comment. Buyers are given a great deal of sympathy, respect, and assistance here. All you need to do is read through the daily forum topics to see this. But there are also many buyers who demand things, aren’t willing to learn for themselves, and want everything done for them… Those buyers aren’t going to get any special treatment from the sellers offering assistance, nor should they expect it. Successful sellers are not going to bend over backwards to do the work that buyers should be doing on their own.

So, if you’re referring to the “no, we’re not going to help you” comments that veterans like myself post in response to the “do it for me” buyers as being mean, then perhaps you need to reassess your understanding of what it means “to be mean” to someone.


I see some less than kind comments but they are not from the regular group of posters, they are from very new to the forum posters.


That was a general comment, not targeting nice people like yourself. You don’t have to agree with me, but I can understand OP. I hope OP does not feel bad just because some people say so