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Very Bad experience with a buyer


I applied to a buyer request, he contact me then I send to him two previews animations, he liked one of them after that he ordered my services, he requested 7 revisions, I did all the reviews because I offered unlimeted revisions.

The delivery time was 3 days, so I delivered after one day, after the 7th revision he didn’t replay and the day after that he opened an order dispute even still stayed 2 days ine the delivery time, because he sayed that was not the work he paied for.

So he had chooen the animation before oredering, I don’t understand why he want to cancel the order, since yesterday he send me 10 cancel order.

I send a request to Fiverr team, explaining the situation, now I don’t know how they can find an issue, if they will accpet his cancel order, even I had do all my best to satisfied my client.

My order completion is 86% because I accepted a refund for a buyer (5$) and I loosed my level one, before that my order completion was 100%, so this time I decide to fight because I followed carefully buyers requirements.

Please, give me advices, did you have same experiences ?

PS : Sorry for my english !!!


Hi @softsailing - I’m sorry you’re having this experience.

Sometimes this happens with a buyer - basically, they don’t want to pay. You’re exactly right to raise it with CS. Don’t let CS persuade you to cancel, if they try. CS here are way above average with this kind of site, but still … quiet life.

Provide screen shots of conversations with the buyer to CS proving each point as it comes up and you may well find they don’t let him cancel and you get paid. May take a while though.

In future, don’t offer unlimited revisions. Really. It’s not worth it. You can correct small missteps free of charge, but revisions should require extra payments. Some buyers take advantage, as you’ve discovered.

I hope you get this sorted out soon.

By the way - welcome to the forums!


Hi Coerledion,
thanks for your advices, I will make the screenshot and sorry I didn’t introduce my self, I newest here in the forum, I’m on Fiverr since November 2017 (I have 7 gigs: Provide voice over and animations).
I’ll keep you informed.
thanks again


and you’ll right about offering unlimeted reviews, because for my first canceled order I offered to the buyer “Unlimeted Reviews” and after he received 5 versions, he canceled the order


fiverr will hear you carefully, so you just need to raise your voice.

I hope so, thanks ranker website

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Hi, I am new to the forum and can not find where you can ask a question for yourself . I only see how to reply to anothers question like I am doing now. Thanks !

HI Bethovi,
Before asking question, make a research using search bare maybe someone asked the same question and you will get answer,
If you want to post your question, create a new topic, you will find it in the home page

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Hi, I did search but did not find the question or topic. I have finally figured out how to ask a question and also was given a link to the same topic already under discussion. Thank you so much. I appreciate all help for sure !

your welcome, good luck


So this is what happend to me, I been flagged by Fiverr because I submitted and delivering all the many requests of the buyer (so he sind me every 10 minute request and Fiverr send me order violation).

and I received the answer from Fiverr about the order dispute, so their answer: “we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if they have issues with it”.

When I explained that if I agree to refund this will decrease my order completion, here is Fiverr answer:“I totally understand your concern, but in some cases, if you cannot reach an agreement the best option is to cancel the order. Unfortunately, at the moment, all cancelations count toward your completion rate and cannot be excluded”.

For the tagged, I send the screenshot to prove that was the buyer ho abused sending requests, this is Fiverr support answer: “In regards to the warning, it will not be removed. Keep in mind that a warning will not limit account activity as long as you keep in line with our Terms of Service and also that these warnings are for your eyes only”

second answer:"I totally understand your point but there are certain guidelines we have to follow and we cannot bypass them. As soon as you start delivering more orders your rate will improve.

Don’t be disappointed or let this prevent you to continue delivering an excellent service as you have been doing".

So now because of that: my completion rate is 75% after sending the refund to the buyer, I lost my level one and I been flagged by Fiverr.

It’s not right that someone can put all that time and effort into building up an account and over-delivering at every possible opportunity, only to be shot down by the very people.

I know now in my depend, that Fiverr have brutal polices for sellers only.