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Very Bad experience with a seller


I am a seller here , a web designer and developer. In January I was too busy because I had got many orders .For that I thought to give one project to another seller on fiverr .My delivery time was 3 days .For that I had hired a seller.He told that He could do that within 5 days .And he sent me offer I have accepted … First two days he had replied .But after that he was not replying my message … And here I had to tell my buyer to increase the delivery time .He was not replying on 6th days ,when his delivery time was late .But I could see he was online .He was coming online reading my message but not replying . I had sent many messages But he didn’t replied and I hadn’t seen any progress in the work because he had not started .After that when it goes very late I had cancelled that order… That was my first buying experience . I had bought several service later .Today the seller had messaged me that his grandmother was died for that he could not reply me .He is telling me to change the review .Because He got an one star review for that cancellation .I had told him that I can not change . Now He is messaging me to change . I am trying to explain that I can not change… I had bought another service second time and I had to increase the delivery time 5 days to 15 days .I had not any problem because I know that how much a order important for a seller .Because I am also a seller. But in this case he had not replied and for him I had to cancel my order also .Because I could not deliver in time . How I can solve it … He is still messaging me …

I want to help him.How can I help him.Any solution ?


You should make the seller aware that the review was left by the system - not you and that modifications to reviews such as his are not possible. You might also want to remind him once more that asking him to modify the review could lead to his account being banned. This is also borderline harassment on his part. I know you want to help him, but the best thing you can do is cut off communication - block the seller and move on.

That’s my thought on the matter.


I am trying to give him a project so that he can repair that … Is that legal or illegal ?.

Because As A seller I can understand his feelings.


Don’t go further. Asking to change a review is complete TOS violation.

Read it from:

  • Users are to refrain from spamming or soliciting previous Buyers or Sellers to pursue removing/modifying reviews or cancelling orders that do not align on Order Cancellation or Feedback policies.


I know that … :grinning:


So problem is solved. Post closed.!


To be honest I can understand everything but after this I would’ve just block the seller. Of course I would not report his behaviour as a “compassion” act but as @emeraldawnn said it’s borderline with harassment. He failed to deliver, he doesn’t listen to you, he want to violate rules and even when he is said that he is wrong he still keep insisting. That is not professional behaviour and I would’ve avoid working with this person.


I was really got angry when he was not replying me … But as a seller I thought to help him .And I know that If I report his message he will get warning or may be get suspended … But I do not want to do that … And the problem is solved … He will not try to change the review … And I will give him another project for the last chance…


Now you can close the post, :grinning:


Don’t do this. You have been let down and your seller has shot themselves in the foot. Judging from your experience, I would say that you risk your own reputation by considering to continue to outsource to this person.

Move on and look for people who can establish a higher degree of trust from the outset. This seller has failed to deliver and is asking you to risk breaking TOS. As far as red flags go, that’s a full blown house fire.


I do not need to hire someone for doing that project . I can do that . Just I was thinking to give him that …

And Thanks For this advice .It is really helpful … I had forgotten that I will lose My buyer …
Again thanks …


I’m curious here…Are you always busy that you always have to give your project to another seller? Or do you always get an order and then ask another seller on fiverr to do the work for you?

if you want something done right, why don’t you do it yourself and use fiverr’s orders in queue option?



I am not always busy … And that was my first buying experience … I am a student also .I have to do others work also …For that I thought to give that someone … And that was my first and last order that I take from my buyer and shared .And Bro logo design and web design is not same …And I have completed all orders myself … And I am new on fiverr not old … My order delivery time was set to 2 days .For that I had to face that problem .And now I have changed that to 6 days … And sometime if I get any graphics design and others work that does not meet my skills then I try to give some known sellers …


I know they are not the same…I was just thinking that you always outsource your work instead of doing the web design work by yourself…


I complete all work my self … But That time I thought to give someone . Because I did not knew that How to solve it … Because I didn’t wanted to cancel any orders.May be you do like that for that you have thought like that …However hope you got that…


Well I cannot prove that because you said earlier that you always outsource your work…


Have I told you to prove ?.

And do not thinks others like you … However thanks For Your valuable response …


You’re welcome…


I don’t see that anywhere… Plus, unless he has another account or is sharing random screenshots from the internet- he’s purchased 4 gigs and has delivered about 100.


I don’t want to be disheartened or something, but he could have explained the reasons in time. This is personal but I don’t like to include feelings on my work, even more if it’s through the internet.