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Very Bad experience with a seller


I know…I was just joking with him. But he took it too serious instead of laughing it out…


A wise person once told me that there are more professional ways to share advice, rather than directly accuse people on the forum… :slight_smile:

Maybe you should use more emojis to clarify when you are saying something in jest… :wink:


Bro I was asking for suggestion and you were joking .Is that good ?

However Sorry For the misunderstanding …

Actually I am not old here .Joined in September 15th …May be for that I could not realize what was joke and what was serious post …

However thanks for clarify that .:grinning:

And I do not that now anyone make it issue .The problem is solved …

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That’s okay…

You’re welcome…


There’s another option, you can set a specific limit for allowed orders in queue. For example, if you know you can comfortably do 5 orders within your delivery time, you can set it to 5.
Then, once you got 5 orders, the gig will be automatically paused until you either deliver one or more of your 5 orders in queue, or you set the limit higher manually once you have checked the orders and know you can comfortably do a few more.
Very useful feature and faster than to edit your gig. Though a realistic delivery time generally is a good idea, of course, but if you’d have to set a really high delivery time, it might keep people from buying.

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You will not believe … I had just seen that feature about 5-7 days ago …And I like that feature.

And I do not want to edit multiple times .For that I am not decreasing the time now …
Because Once I have edited my gigs and it goes first page to last page …:disappointed_relieved:

And thanks for sharing the information .


You’re welcome. And yeah, that’s the risk with editing. I try to avoid it because I hate having to write to support when the gig doesn’t come back into search at all, somehow my gigs seem to like doing that. Well, you’ll find a combination that works best for you.

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I certainly took it serious. It was a serious-seeming tone conveying a message that, to me, seems devoid of humor. Just remember how much tone and emotion is lost through a text-based communication and how people could interpret your message :slight_smile:

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Why did you take it serious, I was joking with @webdesignerxx and I was not talking to you? Did you see your name mentioned in my previous replies?.. I do not get it…


@wordpress_whiz and @wooden_fish … Kindly forget this …My problem has been solved …

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You’re cool-headed person…


No, but you brought it up multiple times and I think you were the only person who took what you were saying as a joke.

If it seems I’m angry, offended, or something else, that’s not the case and I’m sorry. I was just trying to show that he doesn’t, in fact outsource all his work.

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Nice meeting you…Seems like you’re not my friend here based on how you have always been treating me in the past…


Why would you tell your buyer to use a seller who didn’t even bother to do your job with him?

You need to report him! It’s outrageous he is messaging you about changing a review especially when he couldn’t even message you at all when you gave him an order. Stop responding to him and report him.

This is amazing. He already showed you he is not capable of acting like a responsible seller. I can’t believe you actually are wanting to give him another job. You don’t seem to know that once a seller does what he did he shouldn’t be trusted.

He deserves to get a warning. And if you were a responsible seller you wouldn’t be trying to send a buyer to him.

This entire episode shows that some sellers have no idea of how sellers are supposed to conduct themselves.

And also it’s a terrible breach of trust when a buyer hires you and you give the job to someone else. That buyer thinks he is hiring you! Don’t betray buyers this way.


I thought He faced a problem for that he could not . …But I have already mentioned that I do not want to give . .And that was my repeated buyer … I wanted to discuss … And the seller has good review also … For that I wanted to give …


You need to rethink your entire way of approaching being a seller in my opinion.

Everything you have said sounds very unbusinesslike in how you think about selling on fiverr.


Then What can I do now in your opinion ?


Please read my first message to you. Any seller who ignores your order needs to be banned. Yet you thought to send your buyer to him! I cannot imagine why.

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If he had been a trustworthy seller, he would have just told you what happened briefly and requested cancelling the order so just report him and move on! :slight_smile: that isn’t your responsibility at all.

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I have checked that … And I am telling you again that I will not give him any project . And I will block him… I thought he faced a problem and tried to help … But not now …