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Very bad experience with fiverr

face problem in load page,from 2 days i try to check my seller, my buyer or my buyer requests but it’s not load ,also notifications,inbox button not work when click on it,only dashboard button work .it’s take too much time to load page and stop working after few times.are any of you face this problem,i can’t check what gig order by buyer what a shit? For safety reason i not submit screen shot here.
If this problem will run long term then fiverr loss client.

I don’t have any problems, maybe it’s your connection?

thanks for comment, every site open but when try to fiverr ,notification box,inbox icon, etc not work, also unable to check buyer request almost nothing work.So need help don’t know who can help me.May be fiverr server down so this happens.

That is strange. You can get in touch with customer support and submit a request. Maybe they will be able to help you. Best of luck.

if i contact support then they will definitively try to solve this problem but if more user read this topic and comment then i not needs to contact support ,support contact developers team to solve this issue,and it’s a important for fiverr as a buyer and seller i just want to see no 1 my site where i involve for work.