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Very Bad Experience With Seller

Hello fellow buyers.

Be very careful if you’ll be looking for any Excel/Python work. I’m extremely disappointed with the seller called “seller name removed due to community guidelines I guess”. He lied to me during the contract, he said he will deliver several times, but he hasn’t, and he was highly irresponsible, unprofessional and poor communicator.

In the end he just told me nonchalantly that his PC is too weak for the work he was hired for, and that I should look for somebody with greater spec PC! Imagine that. And this was 10 days behind deadline.

Here I am, so many days after deadline has passed and without delivery. Very, very disappointed.


Please remove the name of the seller, shaming people is not allowed in the forum.


janali, shaming? Really? I think naming of the seller who tricked me and probably many other buyers is useful for future buyers. No one wants to have such a bad experience, and other people should know.

Although, okay. Since naming people is not allowed in forums, I removed seller name.


You can contact Customer Support and tell them what happened. They will investigate the case, and might ban the seller if that seller keeps doing the same thing. Just keep in mind that, due to the privacy policy, they won’t be able to tell you what actions they took.


catwriter, thanks on the advice.

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Thanks we will look after your advice

Sorry To Hear But Not Every Seller Is Bad You can Hire Good One.

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Maybe what he told you was true and his PC wasn’t high enough spec to do whatever job you wanted in time together with the other jobs he had in the queue. Was it a complex job or with a lot of data to process? So maybe he was being honest about that part and was trying to be helpful about suggesting someone else (but it seems like he let you know too late if it was 10 days after the original expected delivery date).

Maybe for future orders you could check on progress a few times or if the order is >$100, see if milestones can be used. Or maybe the seller could still be able to do/finish the work with more time - you could check how much they’ve done so far.

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Really sorry to hear this.

uk1000, firstly, I had to act as a bad buyer and ask him for updates more often than I wanted. Otherwise I would not hear from him at all. That is how collaborative seller was.

About not powerful enough PC. Do we really have to discuss something here? But to put it simple, if you wanted to hire me for some work and told me deadline is 3 days, and I accepted and confirmed everything before and during the contract, I would not lie to you at any given moment, and I would not come back to you 10 days after deadline telling you sorry my PC can’t handle it. Call that behavior any way you like.

There’s really nothing to discuss here except maybe pointing out the job success rate functionality would not hurt. Reviews and feedback as much as it is useful and of an importance can easily misguide.

This topic can be closed.


it’s a bad experience you got. don’t tension for it. everyone not bad… some people have no experience and he/she showing to a buyer he have a huge experience…please avoid this person and search someone who will be complete your work properly.

Really sorry to hear that, But not every seller is bad. Professional sellers are very caring towards the buyer and first priority is customer satisfaction . I think good communication plays a big role in ensuring maximum results.
In the future you will be very careful in choosing a seller .

Perhaps he didn’t know/realise until that point that his PC (and/or maybe connection) wasn’t able to handle it and be able to deliver by the time you required (as well as doing the other jobs in the queue). Since every job is different and we don’t know the specific details of the job (complexity/amount to process etc.). If every job being done was the same it should be much easier to estimate the time required, maybe he just got his estimate very wrong.

Perhaps you’re right that more details could be shown to the buyer like success rate/completion rate but cancelled orders already affect a seller’s stats and can lead to a demotion or prevent a promotion. I assume the search ranking algorithm might also take completion rate into account. If you want to pick sellers who have a high completion rate, the only way now is probably to pick sellers who are levelled (level 1 or above) as a >=90% completion rate is one of the requirements for levels (so they wouldn’t be able to maintain the level unless it’s >=90%).

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Sorry to here that. This is bed. Don’t worry here is lots of good seller you can hire but we can’t back your time sorry for that.

I am sorry for your experience. My suggestions are to always give a look at the most recent reviews of the seller. Read carefully what his services are and what the deadline is.
Really important is to clarify everything at the beginning. If you don’t feel to fit in any of the packages offered by the seller, don’t hesitate to contact him and ask him for a quote.
If you don’t like the communication, don’t worry to contact Customer Support.
Keep in mind that communication is crucial.
You can always get refunded if your order wasn’t satisfied, but to avoid this always look at the seller level, reviews and make sure both of you have comprehended how the project is going to be done.