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Very bad experience with the seller and fiverr


I am expecting fiverr will delete my post, but hope some of you have read it before they delete it.

I made an order from a gigs:

What the gig includes?

  • we’ll find a sub-reddit which is relevant to your website’s topics (useless non active sub reddit)
  • we’ll make an interesting and relevant post which with link of your website (not interesting at all, very simple few word, not even a sentence)
  • we’ll make sure your post get reactions and impressions from real users (They don’t)
  • we’ll share your post on social media platforms and will add social signals to the posts (useless along with many other clients’ add, those social media have no visitors)

Well after a delay work, I checked the sub reddit they posted, it is posted in a sub reddit that have no active user, there are only 1 post in it. They just copy and paste with the same simple sentence of content into 1 personal facebook and other social media, along with many other client’s advertisement, and again, that no one will care and visit them. This is like a 5 mins work, that took over a week!

I then issue a refund, but they cancel my request, offer a re-do, after a couple more day, nothing happened, they just did nothing, not even write me back anything. I then go to the fiverr resoluton center, they simply ask me to contact the seller and try to resolve it myself. After several emails with them, they are still doing nothing.

The order was only $5, I don’t care about the $5, they can have it! But fiverr seems doesn’t really care about their buyer, they are here to help seller to scam people, with no protection for buyer. It was only 5 dollars, how about $100 or $1000? Will there any protection for both party? Five stars gig with over 1000 review means nothing!

I will post in many other popular forum and site about this issue, simply because fiverr choose to ignore my request.


Hello, while I agree that what you got for the $5 is not worth anything to you, it is still as advertised as far as I can tell from what you told us.

This is one of many instances where what a buyer gets is not as good as he hoped for yet still is within the gig description.

It is a rule that as long as you get what was shown in the gig description the seller must get paid.

It then becomes an unhappy experience for the buyer but still, he technically got what he paid for.
Some of the problem is that your seller only got $4. So you got $4 worth of work.